kasarawolf (kasarawolf) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello! New Member~ :)


My name Is KasaraWolf, and I have been actually lurking around this community for quite awhile before I actually joined XD After a couple months, I finally mustered up the courage to make my first post XD I have been collecting Pokemon plush since the early 2000's as well as figures.

Here are some Plushies I currently own! The top row of Pillows are mine, all the plushies in the middle on the sofa are my sisters and the ones on the floor are mine. The large white cat like one in the plush collection is a fan made Pokemon of mine called Ameou~

And here are my figures! I used to have a lot more, but I gave them all to my sister haha. I only kept my favorites. A couple of my figures I actually bought from members of this community! ^_^

I hope to obtain more plushies in the future! I really would like to find a Entei Pokedoll, Gary kid Figure, Entei Banpresto Plush, Eevelution Pokedolls, DX Entei figure and the giant Entei plush and much muucchh more, but I am kind of a thrifty buyer, (most of the items I have I bought from thrift stores and garage sales, only a few I actually bought from ebay) so I do not see it happening in the future ^^;

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