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Dusclops Charms?

Hello everyone! Just a curious member looking for some answers! So my love for Dusclops just kind of...boomed once I realized that he is a tubby mummy ghost. So. Tubby. I love it ; w;
Anyway, when I begin collecting I make sort of a catalog of every item I can find as a checklist of items to one day get :) Through my research I've found a few variations of Dusclops charms but I'm not sure if they are parts of different sets or maybe they are all the same just in different pictures! I cannot tell ; -;
Because Dusclops has so little merch it's impossible to get info on what has been released for him. So, I turn to you lovely members for help!

A charm received from zenity (Gets post incoming! > w<) It has a metal charm loop on top with a regular necklace clasp (no idea what they are called)
Dusclops strap
Random charm that looks exactly like the one above! But I have no idea if they are from the same set! Stupid same pose syndrome...
Dusclops Charm B
I believe these were charms promoting the Jirachi movie, but it also looks the same as the above two! Could they simply be from this release??

Any info would be absolutely appreciated! Happy almost-Friday everyone! :)
Tags: charms, dusclops
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