Toz (happyjolteon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

It's that time again...time for a sales post!

After lots of reorganizing and cleaning and taking pictures, my first post-Japan sales post is finally ready! It's not entirely DP stuff - there are lots of older items from Yahoo Japan as well - but I do have a number of new toys and prizes.

In order to keep things cleaner and reduce load time, I've put the post on a separate site page. (I recommend opening the page in a new tab for easy viewing!) Please comment here with your questions and orders, though!


  • Yes, I do ship internationally! I ship orders from the US, generally first class (standard) unless something else is requested.
  • I take Paypal, checks, and money orders. I'd also take trades for Dialga, Jolteon, or other items I'm looking for. My collection of these guys is pretty extensive, but see my wanted list for a few things I'd be willing to trade for.
  • Due to some non-payments, I'm changing my hold policy to 24 hours. If I don't receive payment within that time I will have to put the item(s) back up for sale. (This doesn't apply to check/money order payments, but I expect those to be sent out soon as well.)
  • Some of the items in this post are from large lots and may be dirty or worn. I'll try to note conditions on each of these, but if you're especially concerned about one, please ask!
  • Sorry, I do not take trades for art right now.
  • I have not listed items by Pokemon due to sheer number, but you're free to ask about items of a certain Pokemon.

  • You can find the post here: HERE or

    Have fun!
    Tags: kids, plush, sales, zukan
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