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My pokemon collection~<3 & Wants list updated.

Hello guys, since I am fairly new here(used to be more of a lurker for a few years) I decided I should show off my collection to help people out whenever they need images.

meowth clause 1 meowth clause 2 php1qJRIyPM phpAHh662PM phpEH3rgkPM phpf0sPkiPM phpICC4WnPM phpL4xO1UPM phplz01j0PM phpP9Cx4wPM phpRcz5foPM phpvqNcuWPM pika-cluster poliwag1">

So I have several collections going on. I don't think I even got them' all in my photos. I might have a few stragglers' so you might as well check my profiles' album out~!

Edit: I also apologize for some of the pictures not being straight. When I was resizing it through another site they did that to me. <___>;;

Also~! Does anyone know if that large pikachu is a "mirage" pikachu or not? It's made in italy. Stuff I am looking for as well is anything of the poli-line, anything oddish or of it's evolution line, and other play-by-plays.


Update: hey guys I just wanted to ask if any of you have anything pikachu related? :v I am looking for those small pikachu beanies (hopefully with tags- looking for 5-10 of these lol) made by hasbro. I am looking for posters, and whatever I am also looking for any of it's evolution/pre-volution's merch.

There was this pikachu with a smaller body, and a bigger fat head stuffy I found it cute. Idk if you guys have a ref. for pikachu merch.
Tags: charizard, collection, croagunk, meowth, pikachu, plush, poliwag, poliwhirl, turtwig
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