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New gets (with lost package finally found !!!) + Shiny + Updated sales

I don't know where to start x)

Well, maybe with a flashback.
In a previous post I told you that I was worried about a package sent on December 4th (so during Christmas rush) and still not received after almost a month. It had been sent by Air Mail which usually takes less than two weeks to arrive. So I had few hope :/
But a few weeks ago, I received a Noppin notification. First, I was like "What can it be ? None of my items in storage space is coming to the end". And then I realised it could be my package. OMG! I was so happy to see that it was not lost (and when you'll see what it contained, you'll understand why I was so sad thinking it was lost).
So after some hesitation, I chose Air Mail once again and my package finally arrived in a week lol
Thanks again to those who told me to keep hope o/

Before the gets, let's see my new Shiny Pokémon in game ^^
Female Pyroar. I wanted a male to call him Gryffindor but with only 25% it was more complicated. So I present you Amazone ^^
Then we have Merlin who will evolve in Delphox. Not really original but it fits him well. (I really love Braixen with these colors <3)
And finally a female Magmar (who are rarer) nicknamed Etna. She will evolve because of Magmortar's lips xD

And now the gets !

From nightmare_chan2
I love Goodra and Pumpkaboo <3 I want more merch of them ^^

From AmiAmi
Very nice! I was a little worried when I opened them because Xerneas and Yveltal were in the two last boxes. So I was scared to not have them ^-^

From Noppin
I love the I <3 series x) I really like Weavile's face and Chandelure is awesome *o*

Very cute ! Even if Chikorita has a derpy face. I don't know why, it reminds me Patrick Star or Homer Simpson xDD

One of my grails and one reason why I was so sad thinking this package was lost. Shiny Beasts charms <3 If only I could also own Raikou and Suicune Pokédoll x)
The stickers are nice too.

A high want. The clear file folders are awesome.
I let you look at them on my website : (at the bottom of the page).
I really wanted Charizard (since he is Shiny ^^), and Reshiram and Zekrom to put them on my RZK shelf.
Great ! Thanks to the reflection we cannot see Zekrom folder ><

I also completed this shelf with Vaporeon Pokedoll figure :3

From hebilea
So adorable <3 Thank you again.
He joined my other Water type Pokémon. I just have to organize them now x)

Thank you for reading :3
I hope there are not too many mistakes because I was falling asleep xD

You can find more pictures on my website

And take a look at my updated sales o/
(XY motion gallery + 2004 bottlecaps)
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