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Plush Gets + Collection Update

Hey everyone! I haven't posted here in a while, due to Finals and College items I needed to take care of.

Anyhoo, I got some recent plushes in the mail from FromJapan. I also have received some new plushes since my last post, so I'm going to throw in an update on that.

Let me say this- The plushes that arrived in the mail have kickstarted a new Collection Montage I wish to start. I haven't felt the "urge" to start collecting a certain Pokemon (Or anything, really), but I have a strong feeling for this "sort" of plush.

Anyhoo, I was browsing Y!JA, when I stumbled upon a small Pokemon Plush lot. There were four Pokemon in total, and the Buy-it-Now Price was a mere 500 Yen. I hesitated for a few weeks, watching the lot continuously becoming re-listed. Finally, I caved in, feeling sort of bad for the Pokemon. I don't call it as "Buying" them, but moreso as "Adopting" them all. Why do I call it adopting?

Oh yes. They are simply amazing. Each one has their own little "quirks"-

Lapras- Its "ear" things are both somewhat "cut" from its head, making them unrolled. Also, its left eye is a bit scratched up.

Togepi- All of its Egg patterns have fallen off, except for a Blue one, on its back. It also appears to not have a mouth (I think).

Mew- Both of its eyes are extremely dirty, and its feet are quite "loose" (They are connected fine; they just aren't filled with whatever they are filled with that much).

Jigglypuff- Its left eye has completely fallen off, and part of its right foot is detached from its body (Which you can't tell here).

They are all TOMY Plushes that still have their tush tags.

But in all seriousness, I love these little guys. Relating back to the new "Collection", I wish to start adopting all of these "abandoned" plushes. I knew no one was going to go after the fabulous four up there, and I bet there are a ton of other plushes looming around like them. So as of now, my only "Wants" are plushes in this shape that people don't want anymore. I will give them a nice home, and they will certainly be welcome with me!

Basically what the Cut says. First, a photo of merely all of them-

Aizen, my Collection has grown a bit. Let's take a closer look at them all.

So we have Meloetta, Pikachu, and Jirachi that I picked up in the Pokemon Centers many moons ago, Deoxys Pokedoll in there, the Bonsly that I always want to get rid of, the adorable Aipom, Banpresto Suicune, and many more.

In this one, I have both of my Wailords, my Meowth and Charmander Kutakutas, Pokedolls of Ho-oh, Venusaur, and the 2005 Weavile (Which I got in a trade, with two other plushes). I also have the Banpresto Nosepass, Jakks Leafeon, the huge Charmander, and others.

To wrap this up, we have a Gengar, old Venusaur (Which I got from FromJapan a month ago), Bulbasaur Taffeta, Slowking, KFC Seel, and more.

But wait! There's a few more.

Now, I don't see myself as a Victini Collector, since I'm not very motivated to buy items of the Pokemon. The First Anniversary Tohoku Victini is for my best friend, as well as the Victini with the Macaroon. I plan to buy another First Anniversary Tohoku when I become motivated to do so.

Also, some other news- I'm going to New York City in March, and I'll be staying less than a block away from Nintendo World! I still find it a bit mind-boggling that I would have traveled to three Pokemon-esque locations in less than a year (The Pokemon Centers in Tokyo and Yokohama, and now, this).

Also, I would buy items from people here, but the swiftness of purchasing and such is a bit intimidating to me @__@
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