toastypk (toastypk) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Chespin questions

I got my big Fennekin plush (Tomy one) at Toys R Us around near the day that XY got released. I love it, it's the starter that I picked in the game. But I also really like Chespin, almost to the point that I couldn't decide what starter to pick. So of course I want to get the big one of him too. But it's been months and I haven't seen him anyplace. I would check Toys R Us occasionally, but they don't have it. Only the Fennekin.
Does anyone know about this?

I wanted to ask about it here, but looking on ebay out of curiosity, I notice something: There's the big Pokémon center Chespin from Japan, I like it, seems the same size, even though it's pretty pricey... but on ebay I notice there's one of the same one, but with an American tag. That might not be as expensive.

I'm wondering, is that Chespin released in America? Is that really happening? Also, if that's true, is anyone having pickups for it or something? And how much? Cause I'd really like to get one.
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