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Cuteness Ahead!

Was a little worried one box wouldn't arrive as its status hadn't been updated and just said it was in customs, but it got here nice and safe with my other package. On to the most important part, pictures!

Some of the best gets this year! Not one, but two laying Eevees. They're the perfect cuddle size and super soft. And for some reason the one on the right has longer fur. Kinda nice though cuz I can tell them appart easier. Also got the last two embroiderd eeveelution stickers I needed to complete the set. Espeon and Vaporeon. And more side collection stuff! Fletchling and Dedenne are so cute and tiny and soft. So glad I was able to get them, they're a deffinent must if you collect either.


Additional pictures of the adorable Eevees!

Such cute little faces~

Tags: dedenne, eevee, espeon, fletchling, sylveon, vaporeon
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