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AWESOME Update and some little sales :)

Ahhh so my really cool packages finally came~~~ <333

 photo d3183364-7edf-40f7-b5f7-5ec05c15e7f2_zpsf7ba7287.jpg

 photo moresylveonsandsales005_zps11ca31c2.jpg

the last one!! AHH IT'S SO SHINY AND PRETTY <3

AH <3

 photo moresylveonsandsales002_zpsf42da905.jpg

I apologize for my lack of photography skills
I now have all the sylveon coin type items that I know of, in every color! Not an easy thing to accomplish but hooray! I am so happy, and my girlfriend thinks it's really weird how happy a bunch of coins can make someone

but I'm weird so it's fine!

 photo moresylveonsandsales001_zps651de4cb.jpg

And some more cool gets!! I'm really happy to finally have the happy party vanity case, and I didn't even know that necklace existed form this promo, it's SO gorgeous and it has a beautiful sylveon charm to boot! I thought I had gotten close ups of it but I guess not, maybe I will get some later <3

 photo moresylveonsandsales006_zpsad5c6895.jpg

and todays packages were full of pink goodness! And a foxy and fat bird plane :) <333 I loooooooove the pokebox charm SO much and I got the new blind packaged badge with sylveon on it so that makes me happy <333

and the motion gallery figures are LOVELY (I have some for sale at the bottom of this post hint hint ;) )

 photo moresylveonsandsales007_zpsee8523d4.jpg

accidently ended up with two sylveons due to blind package paranoia, but that is fine by me! <3

 photo moresylveonsandsales008_zpsc3af993f.jpg

dang fuzzy photos!

 photo moresylveonsandsales009_zps44fd64d3.jpg


-I ship from the U.S. to anywhere
-I typically ship next day
-My prices do not include shipping!
-I accept haggling
-I also am currently accepting trades, just show me what you have but don't be offended if I decline!
-Happy buying <3
-please note that international shipping for non flats starts at 6$, if that is too much please don't ask, I've been losing money because I feel bad and give heavy discounts for shipping :(

 photo moresylveonsandsales010_zps99fa0be1.jpg

Pokemon bottle holders (sylveon shown for example what they look like outside of package not for sale)
Fennekin 6$
Froakie 5$
Xerneas 4$
Yveltal 4$
Pikachu 2$

 photo moresylveonsandsales011_zps2fd9f8a0.jpg

Sleepy froakie figure 6$
Sleepy bunnelby figure 5$

Fennekin motion gallery figure 8$
Chespin motion gallery figure 6$
Froakie motion gallery figure x2 6$
Xernea motion gallery figure 5$
Yveltal motion gallery figure 5$
Mega mewtwo motion gallery figure x2 5$

Tags: bunnelby, fennekin, froakie, mewtwo, sales, sylveon, xerneas, yveltal
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