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This stuff really, really, really has to go.

College books are a total rip-off, invoices for SMJ are stacking up and, with at least four very large plush on the way, space is a big issue in my room. This is your final chance to snag the lot, and it has been reduced to as low as I can go on it. I also added a few items from my personal collection. I will accept nearly any reasonable offer on everything except for the shirts and shiny kid, as this stuff needs to go. It's like a liquidation sales before many things go to Ebay, which is my last resort.

No trades this time, sorry. Please tell me if you're planning on doing an eCheck--I'd prefer not to take them but I might in certain situations. I hold for twenty-four hours in general and three days for people I've done business with and had a pleasant transaction.



The huge lot! Contains everything in the pictures above with the exception of Lucario and Glameow. Needs to go ASAP. $30.50 including shipping to the US and Paypal fees, and that's as low as I can go. Shipping will probably be around $17 so this is a crazy deal. You're welcome to resell these things for more as well. A single Pokédoll goes for more than this oftentimes--I'm really surprised no one has wanted this lot yet!

- Weird bootleg Pikachu plush! (Scary and amusing at the same time!)
- Large TOMY Pikachu figure (Not in the best shape)
- Mantyke Pokédoll
- Manaphy Jakks Plush
- Large TOMY Jigglypuff figure
- Jakks Jigglypuff plush
- Jakks Torchic plush
- Pokémon the Movie 3 VHS Tape
- Small Grovyle Figure
- Small Glameow Gachapon Figure SOLD
- Small Shieldon Gachapon Figure
- Small Pachirisu Gachapon Figure
- Small Chimchar Gachapon Figure
- Sinnoh Starters DS Stylus Holder
- Talking Large Pikachu Figure
- Talking Large Meowth Figure
- Squirtle Plush Keychain
- Togepi Talking Figure (Needs batteries)
- Blastoise Cardboard Standup
- Ivysaur Hasbro Plush
- Bulbasaur Hasbro Plush
- Poliwhirl Hasbro Plush
- Butterfree Burger King Plush
- Poseable Lucario Figure SOLD
- Burger King cards
- Pokémon coin pack: Muk, Pinsir, and Caterpie.


Shirt #1 (Front and back) -- Old TCG Promo shirt, never worn, absolutely beautiful. :) Size adult L. $23 plus shipping, will not go lower than that.


Shirt #2 (Front and back) -- Even older TCG promo shirt, never worn, very nice. Size adult L. $21 plus shipping and I won't go lower on that.


Silver version x 2 (Need their internal batteries replaced!) -- $5.00 each plus shipping.
Red version (Works perfectly and Red versions don't have the internal battery problem.) -- $7.00 plus shipping.
Crystal version (Works perfectly, and Crystal versions do not have the internal battery problem.) -- $14.00 plus shipping or make offer. ON HOLD
Harry Potter Gameboy Advance Game (I honestly have no idea which one this is) -- $9.00 plus shipping or make offer.


Squirtle shiny kids in mint condition -- $12 plus shipping, firm.


Treat Keeper Charizard plush -- $4.50 plus shipping.


Old talking Pika who talks no more -- $10 including everything within the US (only because shipping is around $7-8 on him. D:) Please adopt him out of love! He wants a hug. ;___;


Char shoes! Child sized, but in perfect condition and great collectors items. $12 including shipping, which will probably be a little high.

Original art pieces! This two are drawings I did and they are the originals. They would look great framed and will be sent carefully to prevent damages. :)

Drifloon and Chatot -- $5.50 plus shipping, done in ballpoint pen, larger than an 8 x 10 standard piece of paper (12 x 17? I'm not sure).

Buneary with Flowers -- $7.50 plus shipping, done in Prismacolor pencils, B5 size and nice thick paper.

I will also take commissions. Pen shaded with no detailed background and up to two Pokémon will be $12 and Prismacolor with no detailed background will be $15. Inquire on other prices if you have specifics, and there's more at my DeviantArt page: http://pacificpikachu.deviantart.com/ You will receive the original, and a few printed scans on photo paper of your commission. Let me know if you're interested!

While you're here, please check out my also extremely discounted anime items at my sales journal: http://surfinpikasales.livejournal.com/1370.html

Shipping will be combined if you want anything from there, of course.

Let me know if you have any questions! I'm highly, highly motivated to sell the items so they don't go on Ebay. :/
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