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Mew and Metal mons auctions! (and sales update)

Auction end at around three days later, which is Sunday/2nd February at 11:00pm (GMT+8)! It's around Sunday moring (11am for GMT-8) in the US timezone.
Sales permission granted by dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011!

-No backing out bids please!
-Snipping is defined as bidding at the last 5 minutes before the countdown ends. An extension of 5 minutes will be given if this happens.
-Shipping and paypal fees are not included. Shipping is from Hong Kong, and starts at around $2-3 (depends on weight) for all around the world (unless you live in South East Asia ;3)
-Free tracking will be provided if the ending price exceed $50, just in case~ (Tracking is +$2 after shipping and fees.)

Assorted Mew stuff /w\
Mew Pokedoll figure starts at $10, and others are starting at around $1-2! See the threads below for the starting prices~

Mew kids are for straight sales! All are at $2.5 each! (Only the fourth one is available now)

And here are some metal figures! (With a random clear Haunter x3)
Flareon and Dratini metal figures starts at $5
Pidgeot, Gengar metal figures and Haunter clear figure start at $2!
The golden Diglett metal figure is for straight sales at $1~

If you're bidding on the items, you can always combine with stuff from my sales too ;)
Updated it with some new stuff fresh from gachapons xD

Click here or the preview pic below to the sales!

Please keep in mind that I won't be able to reply during US early nighttime because I'll be asleep |D
Tags: auction, dratini, espeon, flareon, gengar, haunter, helioptile, inkay, kecleon, kyogre, litleo, magikarp, meganium, mew, mewtwo, pidgeot, pikachu, sales, slugma, togepi
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