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Magazine w/ Mini-Calendar Pick-ups + Awesome Custom Get!

Hey all! Hope everyone's had a good winter season so far. I've been having a great time spending the winter holidays in the Netherlands with kef_meister, but alas, in a few days I must return to the US. On the bright side, they have a monthly Pokemon magazine here and this month's edition has a mini X/Y 2014 calendar as a bonus, and yesterday I got the go-ahead from Gin to do a pick-up! I know Pokemon calendars can be difficult to come by in the states, hence why I'm offering to do a pick-up. This would be just for interested Americans, as I'd be taking them home to ship to people (sorry international peeps).

Anyway, here's a pic of my copy:
Pkmn Magazine & Mini-Calendar

The mini-calendar features the gen 6 starters, the legendary duo, Fletchling, Pancham, Sylveon, Swirlix, Spritzee, Flabébé, Gogoat, Inkay, Helioptile, and Litleo. It also features a mini-poster of Ash and Pikachu.

The magazine features various games and puzzles, along with anime screenshots, TCG cards, children's drawings, pages that function as small posters, and a small bit of info on some X/Y features. Of course, it's all in Dutch, but it's still fun to look at (the kids' drawings especially, haha) and it doesn't affect the mini-calendar (most Dutch month names are extremely similar to English).

I'll be taking up to 10 slots for these. They'll be a flat rate of $10 each--this includes the cost of the magazine after the exchange rate, shipping, Paypal fees, and exchange rate fees.

1. pikachux
2. jen81489

Also, I wanna show off this awesome custom Bulbasaur ornament that lapopearmadillo made for me! I know the picture isn't that great, but still...isn't it adorable?
Bulba Ornament

I commissioned it for kef_meister since he collects Bulbasaurs and I wanted to get him something really special because this was the first Christmas we spent physically together. So thanks again to lapopearmadillo. <3
Tags: bulbasaur, custom, fletchling, gets, gogoat, helioptile, inkay, litleo, pancham, sylveon
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