miniterasu (miniterasu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Questions about some of my TOMY figures...

So... I was looking at a community post last night about TOMY figures and while reading the comments I realized that I own a fake TOMY figures of Victreebel :( the problem is that I bought this figure from a member of the community that didn't list the figure as "bootleg/fake"... I stated to panic because I bought more than one figure from them >< I don't remember all of them and I took some pictures of the ones that I remember and would love to know if I got more than one fake :(

This is the lot of figures that I remember getting from them... now that I know that Victreebel is not supose to have a brown base, I can clearly see that it's a fake one :( as for the others... I can't really tell sadly

I noticed that my Blissey was kind of weird...

The writing on the back doesn't look as deep as the other figures that I have :/

The tail was glued that way


As for this Pikachu, I don't remember if it was from that same seller :/ I just know that it's from someone from the community as I don't buy used figures from eBay or other online stores.
This Pikachu looks like its having the same problem as Blissey.

I think that the others looks ok, but yet I really can confirm... if you see a figure that doesn't look right, please tell me and I will take more pictures and post them here! :)

As for the seller, I can't remember what was their user name :(

Now I fear that I might have some bootleg in my collection >< ...

Thanks for all the help!
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