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Grail! Grail! Grail! Grail!


A grail has finally come! One that has been eluding me for years...... Behold!~

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He's finally here! He's finally mine! Augh! He hasn't left my side since I got him in the mail. I just can't believe he's real.

A few of you from the community know how long I've been after this raccoon. I've flooded my want posts with this guys mug just hoping someone would lead me to him. He did NOT want me to find him easily. Ugh! I've been sniped, I've tried group buys, I've tried bargaining with sellers for a fair deal. I've lost him countless times over and over! I check Y!J and Ebay daily, sales post, everything! I had people offer him to me for $1,000 dollars, $700 dollars and $500 dollars!!! Whaaa!? For real?! After that kick in the face,  I just gave up on finding him. Period. For quite some time.

I decided to make him holy grail status and move on.

The community is great, random members would message me, tell me when it was up for offer or auction. Though, I'd always lose it in the end. The thought people remember me or think of me when they see this plush is so amazing though.

Then one day, I got a message from agui_chan with a title "Zigzagoon UFO". My heart stopped a bit, though I was didn't want keep my hopes up. They told me there was one on Ebay for a buy it now price. The seller just barely put it up. I was ready to see it be over priced when I clicked the link. Then I saw it was $170 shipped. $170!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

There have been countless times where I ALMOST caved. ALMOST paid $500+ on this plush. SO, SO MANY TIMES. I regretted those times not purchasing it for half a thousand but I told myself to be patient. I told myself one will come just for me. I didn't want to believe he was finally mine until I got him in the mail and he was home.


He's just so perfect. ;A; SO well made, mine is in excellent condition. His toes are still white, his spiky fur isn't bent or pushed. The fabric is still like new. He has his string and his tush tag! I'm so pleased. I cannot believe how rare this plush is. I've seen the rare Latias/Latios plush show up more than this guy. I've know of at least 3 other members that possess it and I only had a few pictures to look at while I hunted. This is the creme de la creme of my collection and not just my Zigzagoon collection but another gem in my collection entirely. I'm so honored to have yet another rare and exclusive piece.

My custom plush were so delighted to FINALLY see the only official plush made for the line. My Zigzagoon made by cwinget had to give him nose nuzzles.


And my Linoone pokedoll made by usakochan rushed over to give him hugs.

Here is "most" of my Zigzagoon/Linoone collection. Some items like my zukan and kids are put away since I'm planning to move soon. I've added single pictures of them though. I know this collection is small and there wasn't much merch to begin with but having my Zigzagoon UFO makes it finally feel like this collection is complete. That finding the last few trinkets will be a synch in comparison. Thanks to agui_chan for leading me to this item and to many members on the community who've helped me with my searches. ^_____^


These are the last few items I need before this collection will come to a close.

*Clear Attack Zigzagoon kid
*Zigzagoon figure spinning topper.
*Linoone pan sticker

You can check out my whole collection on my website:

I also have new shiny custom plush I've made. They will be put up for auction soon.
Here's a sneak to one of them~

Thanks for reading!


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