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Training figures questions/buying inquiries?

Hello there everyone!! ^__^ This group is really amazing, I join, get a grail, and find an awesome friend all in one go. But my reason for posting is I have some questions about the Pokemon trainer figures. I apologize that I don't know all of the particular brand/company names for some of them. (When I moved fifteen years ago most of my figure collection was a casualty of that common "lost between homes" and I stopped keeping up with the information.)

The figures in question I'm interested in (and interested in buying if anyone has any of these!!) are:

-The Lt. Surge Trading Figure Game figure. EDIT: Bought from white_chocobo! <3

-The Koga Trading Figure Game figure...I know, I know, he's impossible to find so I don't have high hopes anyone has him and/or is willing to sell him, but even pictures would be appreciated. :) If someone has him and is willing to sell, please let me know and we can negotiate price!

-The Gary Oak Gashapon figure

-Professor Oak Gashapon figure.

Thank you all for your patience!! :D
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