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Gets and wants! :)

Hello everyone :)
quag I finally got the Quagsure zukan! This is  a WIP shot, but I plan on turning it into a snowglobe.  All I have to add is water, varnish, and paint the base :) I can't wait to show you guys the final product!

Copy of photo (4) This is Dante (named after my in game Fennekin.)  I thought he'd be about the size of Ventus, but I was wrong!  he's so fun to cuddle. If you're thinking of getting one, DO IT!!

photo (1)This is my quag plush collection so far! Im only missing 3 official plush!

okay, now for my wants:

thanks for reading this, and have a great night

sleepy Quagsire pillow- name your price.  it is my grail.  I am willing to pay 100+ for him
kutakuta plush- I dont want to spend more that $75
waffle bath buddy-like plush. Im not sure of the actual name for it, but it's really cute.  I think he's pretty rare, so Im willing to pay a lot for him :)
Quagsire Jakks,kid figures, tomy, ect.  -I need more Quags

and finally, the shiny suicune pokedoll around the 300-350 range :)

Any life size pokemon plush (except eevee and fennekin)

pokedolls!  bootie, loved ...any kind!  I don't want to spend more then 10 each (except on butterfree, which I'd pay around 100 for)

If you have anything, let me know! thanks everyone, have a good day!
Tags: collection update, quagsire, suicune, wanted
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