Princess ♔ (princessharumi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Princess ♔

Is anyone else having problems with Noppin right now?

Hello everyone! I'm not sure if I'm allowed to ask this here but I thought I'd give it a shot. I went to Nopping to check on the status of some items I won but the website was being a bit buggy for me, but when I managed to get to my Payment section it said I had no deposit when I did have $20 in there. My watched Auction list is also wiped clean and my recent searches didn't show up. So I went to log in and out and then it said I couldn't log in, so I clicked on the forgot password button and typed my email in and it said that email is invalid. Is anyone else having an issue here? ;; It's also showing this different logo than their usual one. I'm just a bit worried I've lost my money or something happened ;;

Edit : It's been like that for almost an hour but I just tried again and it did let me log in and I can see my items but then it goes right back to not showing me anything.

Edit 2 : Okay luckily it's not just me, seems like it happens sometimes and it did let me log in and I checked everything and it seems fine so it just acts up sometimes, thanks guys! ;u;
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