Chu (chuchuvee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Early birthday get!

Hello all! As I was preparing a new gets post, my husband surprised me with a package! Now, my birthday isn't till April, but since we're preparing for a move in march and another soon after, he decided to gift it now. I couldn't be more thrilled! ^__^

Can anyone guess what it is? <3

If you guessed the Little Tales Tea Set, give yourself a cookie!

Wah it's so cute!

Front and back of the pot. I love the kissing chus <3

The cups

And all stacked together!

Plus some adorable box art~

I'm so happy to have this! Besides Pokemon, I also collect tea sets, so this set was perfect for me! It's a bit on the smaller side, but I expected it to be ^^ Plus the art was too cute to resist!

Thanks for looking! -happy dance-
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