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Mini sales! And collection update.

First, I wanted to say thank you to regen, lineaalba, ktmonkeyj, pheonixxfoxx, and rocketdraggin for the packages! :3 I don't have a picture of them all yet, but soon. ;)

Second, I got a box a while back from CJ!


YAY Skymin! :D (Land forme's alright too, but I really like that sky form XD)

Anyway, this purchase didn't come with Origin Giratina, but I don't really care for it so I didn't mind. (Sorry for you Tina lovers out there! :X) My main purpose for getting this set was for the Skymin zukan, and the Swinub line (which isn't set up yet D:). That said, I have the remaining zukan for sale! (Also throwing up my leftovers from my first sales post).

Policies are here:

(Sorry for the stock photo, mine are still NIB. ;P)

I'm semi-open to selling the Swinub/Piloswine/Mamoswine zukan. Make me an offer!
Otherwise the other two are $7 each. (Gliscor on hold) If that's too much for you, let me know and we'll haggle (especially since I'm HORRIBLE at pricing these things D:).

Old sales:
Jakks figures (limbs are moveable, and incl. corresponding sticker [not shown])

Palkia $5, Golem $3

Pokémon Battle Figures (a.k.a. chess pieces, incl. health counters)

Loudred $5, Treecko $5, Kyogre $6 (on hold)

Rayquaza $6 (on hold), Torchic $5, Pikachu $5

Thanks for looking! :3

Also, and I'm sure some of you have seen this already, but there's another zukan lot on Y!J:
This one's got both the original Eeveelution zukan, as well as the D/P one. ;) Not sure if someone wanted to do a group auction for this, but if you do, let me know!! I'm only interested in the Girafarig. XD (I'd try to do it myself, but I'm going to be gone for large chunks of this weekend, and it ends soon...)

[edit] Check out for the group auction! :)
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