Jan (poliwhirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Searching for Turtwigs pokedolls - What am I missing?

Hello all!

I am coming in for some advice. I am (have been) trying to collect all different kinds of Turtwig pokedolls merchandise, but I am quite sure what am I missing. Here's what I have right now:

From left to right (pokedolls only): DX pokedoll, normal pokedoll, Christmas oversized pokedoll, mini pokedoll, oversized pokedoll.

Pokedoll coin purse, mechanical pencil, lanyard

Plushie-wise, I think I am missing:
- Amigarumi/ knitted pokedoll
- The bigger version of the mini pokedoll
- Also, is there two different kind of the oversized pokedoll? Mine feels like fleece and I heard there's one made of terrycloth?

And I have not much idea of what else is there for non-plushie items. I am mainly looking at things that are focused on Turtwig pokedoll (aka not a tiny turtwig in a bunch of other pokemon), unless it's a clear file.

Any information would be great, thanks :D


To end this post...
I still have tons of items at my sales, please go have a look!

Thanks all ^^
Tags: sales, turtwig
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