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Update ahead! Huge sales ahead! Warning: big post ahead!

Hi all! I'm only 2 months late but I hope everyone had a good time over the holidays. :)

I've received a lot of random things over the past few months, but have a few exciting highlights I'd like to address in this post, including my very first pieces of production art!

CELS! Two of them, from the same episode - that episode that got me from hooked to absolutely obsessed with Pokemon over 10 years ago; this is where it all began.

(Just a fair warning - some of these images kind of suck because I had poor lighting, but I tried to get some decent shots of the actual cel layers to make up for it!)

I guess "grail" can be a loose term for some of us, but this piece is specifically a grail to me because it is a part of my favourite series of episodes of Pokemon of all time. I was very amused at the time with how Sabrina seemed to be the one gym leader Ash had no chance defeating (good guys win too often!) and never really defeated legitimately, along with the many twisted, underlying themes in episodes 22-24 (Sabrina's childhood, the relationship dynamic between her and father, surreal effect from the Tower of Terror and unexpected turn of events, etc.). The characters, their stories, and ideas that were explored in these episodes were different from any that I had seen up until that point, and was quite dark in comparison to the others.

As most of you guys would know, cels are extremely rare (mostly due to the fact that they are destroyed, claimed, or somehow lost after use in the studios). Even though I loved episode 24 (where these cels are from), I figured there was basically no chance that the animation frames were still alive, but apparently random searching on Y!J paid off as I stumbled across Kadabra one night, and Sabrina a couple days later. I ended up winning Kadabra without putting up too much of a fight, but I am pretty sure the Sabrina cel marks the most cash I've dropped on a single collection item. It was less than $10 away from reaching my bidding limit from my deputy service, meaning I wouldn't even be able to bid more if I wanted to had it gone much higher. My heart was pounding (in the middle of the night) when the auction was about to end, hoping I wouldn't be outbid again - and I won. :D
So I guess this is now my second grail that just happened to appear before my eyes before I knew of its' existence - first the Slowpoke mirage, and then OOAK pieces of production art from my favourite childhood episode.
They both arrived with sketches attached (going to scan those shortly!) which were a pretty nice and unexpected surprise.

Cels are gorgeous - it's absolutely amazing to own one in real life and it is such a classic piece for serious collectors. It's incredible to own a piece of Pokemon history in my home; it holds my appreciation for the show and how this phenomenon has affected me throughout the last decade or so, from strictly being there for entertainment to inspiring new ideas and motivating me to craft.
The photos don't do them enough justice, and in some of these shots the lighting was pretty bad so I will probably end up retaking some of them, but everything in them is perfect down to the last detail (paint jobs, backgrounds, clean lines, etc.) and the colors are way more vibrant than any photo could ever capture. Everything is totally spot on of course, just as you would see it in the actual show. It's probably hard to make out in photos, but even subtle qualities like the depth of the layering are very visible if you look at it close up, and it almost looks like there's spacing between each layer, making it "pop" out at you.

I took a few shots of the cels before I framed them (which was almost immediately after they arrived!) - after shelling out the money for the custom framing jobs, they are easily the most expensive things I own in my collection, but are also worth every penny. Before taking them to the framing store, I was totally paranoid about any speck of dust before they went under glass, and spent half an hour obsessively wiping all sides of the films clean.

Here's a cropped picture of Kadabra! I have the full shot but I didn't like how the edges looked (bad lighting) so I'll probably take another. In this frame of the anime, Kadabra and Pikachu slide towards the center coming from opposite directions, but Pikachu (top layer) is stuck to Kadabra (middle layer) and I didn't want to separate them because I was afraid I'd ruin the cel and didn't want to risk it. I watched episode 24 at least a few times after having these babies in my hands, it was really exciting pointing out the exact moment when these cels matched the animation on my screen. :D

Here's a better quality photo of the background!

Sabrina! Her mouth is on a separate layer, and in this scene she is commanding Kadabra to use various moves (psychic, recover, etc.) before destroying Pikachu the second time.

This is the background to Sabrina - I had a hard time aligning things when it came to the framing process, because of that little bit of background that wasn't painted in the bottom right. It was between cutting off the little girl's hat or moving Sabrina/her doll up a bit with less space between her head and the top of the background; I'm sure people who have had full color/multi layer cels understand this frustration with the absolute positioning. If anything were a couple to few millimeters off, I think it would bug me forever. Serves me right for being OCD, I guess!
Here are shots of them after their framing jobs! I chose black to bring out the colors more. :)

Sabrina hangs above my craft workspace, so I get to stare up at her lots. :D

Kadabra is standing watch, guarding over my army of psychics. <3
You can kind of see my framed Sabrina cel in the reflection, since the two are on opposite sides of the room and are facing eachother!

Next, I'll introduce a few more gets!

The magnificent Inkay LED light! It's very detailed and a good size. It was the first piece of Inkay merchandise I got, and I got it for a pretty good deal too! ^_^

Here it is lit up! I honestly think the light insider would look 1000x better if it lit up as white rather than yellow - I hadn't seen any photos of it online prior to purchasing it so I had no idea, but I never turn it on anyway so it basically acts as a super cool statue. I am very happy with it!

Some of you may have noticed a Xatu plush in the background, he is also a new get!

So bright, green, and perfect! A few months ago I was contemplating making a Xatu pokedoll since there was nothing Xatu at all but then this baby was announced. :D
All I need now is a Natu to match, I am still on the never-ending hunt for the pokedoll.

.. Just in case anyone was wondering was "real" evolution looks like. :D

I couldn't help but get the Xatu PT sticker and charm to go along with everything! I fell in love with Xatu because of this promo. ;-;
They came with mini tribal-esque stickers to match the theme along with mini moons and stars, everything has a bit of a subtle creamy sparkle to them. Super cute, and great quality. So far they've stuck pretty well onto my 3DS, and I'm hoping to pick up more PT stickers in the future to decorate other things with!

Mug and cup! The psychic themed mug is perfect for me. <3
In this photo, there is hot tea in the psychic mug (which you can't see!) but normally most of the details are covered up by the black, which uses magic to disappear when exposed to high temperatures! It gave me a nice surprise when I washed it in hot water a few hours later, because I totally forgot that it changed color, lol.

The Deoxys cup is a bit smaller but is still large enough for daily use, and came with this awesome tin (I can imagine the same print on a lunchbox from a vintage lunchbox, it's adorable). I haven't had the chance to try the cup out yet, but it seems pretty sturdy just like the mug, and I can use the tin to hold cute psychic things. :)

I thought this was necessary. :P

Everything that clings eventually gravitates towards this lamp, it's a rule by now.

Aaaand a cute photo to end my gets section - I got a Sneasel PT plush too! I couldn't resist. I think this is her only plush, too.
They are bffs! <3

A huge thanks to entirelycliched for helping me with a lot of these gets. :D

Next, I have tons of rare amadas and a few other items up for offers and purchase. There are a lot of new holos and 3rd gen attack amadas in the recent lots that I have received, along with a few pogs and other little things like pins, metal swing keychains, charms, towels, and various other things I've just been putting off to sell.

Rules & Info!
Standard PKMNCollectors Buyers Rules apply.

I am shipping from Canada! Flat start at $2.50 for US orders and $3.50 anywhere else; shipping within Canada is $2.
Postage for towels, pins, metal charms, etc. (anything that isn't flat) starts at $6.50 to the US and $8.50 international. Shipping within Canada is $4.50.

If you're unsure about your order for any reason, please ask for a quote rather than committing - it's that simple. There is absolutely no tolerance for backing out of a sale and doing so will result in non positive feedback.

I am flexible and open to holds if you are 100% committed, and if you pay when you say you will.

Feel free to haggle on anything ending with "OBO" - I am open to offers on these items, but may not necessarily accept if it's significantly lower than the listed price.

In addition, because this is a huge post full of hundreds of flats and misc. items:

This post operates on a first come, first serve policy - priority is given to commitments over quotes.

Please be very specific with what you want, especially if the Pokemon you want has multiple stickers. If it is not clear which one you're after, I can't be obligated to hold it for you. I've labeled everything best I can and given specific types of stickers their own names to avoid confusion; everything is labeled top to bottom, left to right.

Most of these stickers are in excellent condition, but there are a few that have minor wear that isn't severe enough to show up in the scans (especially ones from older sets). Please double check if this is a concern!

Offers for the amada stickers will be open for couple days - they will close on Thursday, Feb. 6th at 10pm PST so I can have everything shipped by Friday morning.

I've reduced prices on all older stock, some prices are up to 50% off! Please come have a look and feel free to combine shipping on multiple stickers for a better deal. Everything is under the cut!

Vileplume swing keychain: $6.50
Natu swing keychain: $25 OBO
Pikachu and Chespin are sold.

Eevee - $8
Oshawott - $4

Tokyo Bay Promo Coin is sold.


Various thick pogs!
Politoed: $3.50 each
Marshtomp, Swampert, Crawdaunt: $2.50 each
Surskit, Masquerain, Barboach, Wishcash: $1.50 each
Feraligatr is sold.

Gothic Promo Handkerchief (11" x 11"): $18

Chandelure/Litwick Hand Towel: $20

Golduck Coin - $1
Slowpoke Battrio Coin - $3

Meowth pog: $2.50

Moltres Eraser: $3

Amada Stickers!

The following stickers are up for offers! Please start your own thread for these if you are interested. You may offer lower than the starting price if you'd like, but please don't be offended if I turn your offer down. Another reminder here - offers will end on Thursday, Feb. 6th at 10pm PST! I may also end this early if I get an offer that I like.

Entei/Seviper sparkle attack amada: Highest offer of $4 by nmtr37
Umbreon Moonlight mirror amada: Starts at $6
Meowth/Houndoom attack mirror amada: Starts at $5
Sneasel attack mirror amada: Starts at $8

Please start Eevee and Latias are $5 each, everything else is sold.

All sold!

Everything below is all straight sale!

Mirror holo amada

Mightyena: $4.50
Ampharos, Raichu, Altaria: $4 each
Dragonair, Zapdos, Articuno: $3.50 each
Flygon, Vulpix and Milotic are sold.

Sparkle amada!

Mewtwo: $4
Raikou: $3
Mew, Jirachi, Lucario, Charizard, Salamence, and Blaziken are sold.

Mudkip, Marshtomp, Squirtle: $2 each
Groudon and Deoxys: $2 each
Combusken, all Grovyles, and Regirock are  sold.

Regice, Regigigas, Venusaur, Torterra: $1.50 each
Donphan, Pikachu, Infernape 1, Infernape 2: $1 each

Snowy Sparkle amada!

Slowpoke/Staryu: $3.50
Lotad, Togekiss, Mespit, Azelf: $2 each
Regirock, Camerupt, Torkoal, Beautifly: $3 each
Mewtwo, Jirachi, and Clamperl/Wobbuffet are sold.

Kyogre, PIdgeot, Gastrodon: $1.75 each
Mantyke, Taillow, Swellow, Mothim, Mamoswine, Toxicroak, Grovyle: $1.50 each
Loudred and Grovyle are sold.

Chimchar, Torterra, Prinplup, Finneon, Chimchar/Glameow, Wobbuffet/Ambipom are all $1 each.

(Mostly 3rd gen) Attack amada!

Slakoth, Vigoroth, Slaking, Cacturne: $4 each
Duskull, Banette: $3.50 each
Breloom, Snorunt, Wailmer, Glalie: $3 each
Walrein and Zigzagoon are sold.

Castform, Illumise, Skarmory, Spinda: $2.50 each
Forretress, Nuzleaf, Numel, Makuhita: $2 each
Hitmontop, Marshtomp: $1.50 each

Spoink, Nosepass, Clefairy, Skitty, Baltoy: $2 each
Combusken is sold.

Bronzong, Shinx, Ludicolo: $2 each
Dusclops, Minun/Plusle, Whismur: $2.50 each
Swellow and Azurill are $1 each.
Natu and Kecleon are sold.

Everything here is $1 each!

Stickers with backgrounds (someone help me with a name for these)

Raichu, Cyndaquil, Wailmer, Teddirusa, Cacturne, Koffing: $3 each
Heracross, Smeargle, Wingull, Grumpig, Unown N, Unown X: $2 each

Dustox, Nosepass, Ursaring, Exploud: $1.50 each
Gen 1 Mirror Holos

Slowpoke, Alakazam, Farfetch'd, Moltres: $3.50 each
Pikachu 1-4: $1.50 each
Meowth 1, Meowth 2, Jigglypuff, Clefairy: $1 each

Psyduck, Poliwhirl, Pidgeotto: $1.50 each
Hitmonlee, Machoke: $1 each
Dewgong is sold.

Gen 2 Mirror Holos

Slowking, Politoed, Meganium, Jumpluff: $3.50 each
Phanpy, Donphan, Totodile, Chikorita, Togetic: $2.50 ecah
Munchlax 1, Munchalx 2, Pichu 1, Pichu 2, Wobbuffet: $1.50 each

Gen 3 Mirror Holos

Cacturne, Wailord: $3.50 each
Breloom, Crawdaunt, Kecleon, Wailmer: $3 each
Hariyama, Swampert, Metang, Metagross: $2.50 each
Linoone, Breloom, and Walrein are sold.

Zangoose, Aggron, Dusclops, Shroomish: $2.50 each
Tropius 1, Tropius 2, Roselia, Castform: $2 each
Mudkip, Torchic, Skitty, Lotad: $1.50 each

Rayquaza, Kyogre, Groudon: $2 each
Regirock, Registeel, Regice: $2.50 each
Deoxys: $1.50 each

Minun 1-4, Plusle 1-4: $2 each
Aron, Masquerain: $1.50 each
Medicham, Treecko: $1 each
Whismur is sold.
Assorted Mirror Holos

Typhlosion, Tyranitar: $3 each
Nidokings: $2 each
Electivire, Mesprit, Palkia 1, Palkia 2, Dialga 1-3: $1.50 each

Assorted Holos that didn't really belong anywhere else

Mewtwo: $2.50
Charmander: $2
Espeon, Ampharos: $4 each
Crobat: $2.50
Donphan, Darkrai, Regigas: $1 each
Dragonite, Porygon 2 and Mr. Mime are both sold.

Everything here is $1.50 each!

Assorted non-Holo Amada

Latios is $5.
Ninetales, Metagross, Lapras 1, Lapras 2, Salamence 2 (right): $3 each
Whiscash, Wailord, Charizard, Kirlia: $2 each
Arcanine and Salamence 1 are sold.

Rayquaza, Deoxys, Shelgon, Nidorina, Wailmer, Aerodactyl, Breloom: $2 each
Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Scyther: $1.50 each
Shuppet is sold.

Koffing, Luvdisc, Gorebyss, Sharpedo: $1.50 each
Misdreavus, Shedinja 1, Shedija 2, Cradily, Nuzleaf, Venusaur, Butterfree, Lombre: $1 each

Pinsir, Muk, Carvanha, Venusaur: $1 each
Aggron, Cloyster, Kabutops, Solrock: $1.50 each
Swalot, Geodude, Bellsprout, Hitmonlee: $1 each

Moltres, Gengar, Marill ramen pogs are $2.50 each
Rayquaza stamp is $1.
Bronzong/Heatran pog is sold.

Reduced old stock

Most of the stock below here is accurate, but I may have forgotten to mark a few things since it's a lot of stuff to keep track of! Please double check availability.
If I have listed any doubles of stickers, you'll be quoted with the lower listed price.

Giratina, Dialga, Magneton: $1.50 each
Skymin 1 (left): $2
Regigigas, Lucario, attack Skymin and Pikachu/Meowth are sold.

Giratina, Electivire, Swinub, Empoleon, Yanmega/Pichu: All $1.75 each
Cresselia, Dialga and Abomasnow are sold.

Cresselia/Chimchar, Vespiquen, Cherrim, Lumineon: $1.50 each

Chimchar 1, Chimchar 2: $1 each
Croagunk/Bastiodon, Ambipom/Wobbuffet, Pikachu: $1.50 each
Blissey and both Turtwigs are sold.

Scizor, Garchomp: $2.50 each
Togekiss: $2
Cyndaquil, PIplup: $1 each
Roserade and Turtwig are sold.

Mirror Holos

Lucario/Toxicroak, Bidoof, Quagsire: $4.50 each
Luxray, Froslass: $3 each
Riolu/Glameow, Weavile/Aipom and Gallade/Hitmonchan are sold.

Palkia: $1
Spiritomb/Chimchar, Dusknoir: $1.50 each
Gliscor, Rotom: $2 each
Dialga, Darkrai/Meowth, Cranidos, Garchomp, Drifloon/Piplup, and Mismagius are sold.

Riolu, Toxicroak, Swalot, Gible: $1.50 each
Muk, Wynaut/Drapion, Gabite/Piplup: $1.25 each
Skorupi, Pidgeot, Magnemite, Bronzor: $1 each
Gible and Meowth/Buneary are sold.

Happiny, Porygon Z: $1.25 each
Meditite/Pikachu, Staravia/Pikachu, Infernape, Porygon Z/Pikachu: $1 each
Dusknoir/Wobbuffet, Rhyperior, Magmortar: $0.50 each
Aipom, Wormadam and Bastiodon are sold.

Floatzel: $1
Monferno, Shieldon: $0.50 each
Buizel and Cranidos are both sold.

Cyndaquil, Porygon, Chansey: $1.50 each
Togepi is sold.

Half Transparent Amadas

Kangaskhan: $2 each
Meowth, Venonat, Kabuto, Magneton: $1.50 each
Ninetales, Dratini, and Dragonair are sold.

2nd Gen Amadas
I believe I have every sticker here from the set. These are all in MINT condition (despite being super old). :)
I also do have extras of some of them, so please do make sure to ask even if what you wanted has already been claimed!

Crobat/Eevee: $8
Sneasel/Krabby/Marill/Jigglypuff: $12
Umbreon/Bulbasaur - not for sale.

Ho-Oh, Lugia, Espeon, Scizor: $3.50 each
Raikou, Entei, Suicune: $2.50 each
Slowking, Kingdra, Mantine, Quagsire: $3 each

Magcargo/Charmander, Ariados/Raticate, Skiploom/Wobbuffet, Wobbuffet/Poliwag: $3.50 each
Pupitar/Squirtle, Murkrow, Farfetch'd, Dunsparce/Jigglypuff, Piloswine/Meowth: $2.50 each
Sentret/Psyduck, Smeargle/Diglett, Forretress/Cleffa, Sudowoodo/Pikachu: $2 each

Bayleef/Electrode: $2.50
Aipom/Poliwhirl, Gligar/Caterpie: $2 each

Houndour, Smoochum, Slugma, Teddiursa, Hoppip, Spinarak, Wooper, Girafarig, Skiploom, Politoed, Natu, Xatu: All are $2.75 each

Feraligatr, Skarmory, Quilfish, Larvitar, Bellossom, Yanma, Heracross, Swinub, Miltank, Mareep, Flaaffy, Ampharos: $2.50 each

Steelix, Noctowl, Larvitar, Celebi, Tyranitar, Houndoom, Quilava, Typhlosion, Marill, Azumarill, Chinchou, Octillery: $2 each

Sunflora, Porygon2, Ursaring, Furret: $2 each
Remoraid, HootHoot, Shuckle, Corsola, Lanturn, Misdreavus, Delibird, Stantler: $2.50 each

Snubbul, Granbull, Tyrogue, Hitmontop: $2 each
Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Totodile, Donphan: $1.50 each
Meganium, Crocanaw, Ledyba, Ledian: $1 each

Pineco, Unowns, Phanpy, Sunkern: $2.50 each
Igglybuff, Cleffa, Blissey, Pichu, Togepi, Togetic, Elekid, Magby: $1 each

Older Amadas
A lot of these are over a decade old (one of the earlier sets released), and have slight signs of wear - they're generally in good shape, but some have imperfections. Please inquire before committing to purchase if this is a concern!

Lapras: $3.50
Scyther, Venusaur: $1 each
Porygon is sold.

Machoke, Pinsir, Scyther, Clefable: $0.50 each
Omastar, Exeggcute, Koffing: $1.50 each
Growlithe is sold.

Eevee, Vaporeon: $3.50 each
Flareon, Ninetales: $2.50 each
Raic$hu, Gastly, Haunter, Mewtwo: $2 each
Both Jolteons, Growlithe and Arcanine are sold.

Vileplume, Weepinbell, Nidorino, Ekans: $2.50 each
Dragonite, Dragonair, Dratini: $2 each
Magikarp, Gyarados, Kabuto, Kabutops: $1.50 each
Dragonair is sold.

Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Muk: $2 each
Omanyte, Electrode, Raticate: $1.50 each
Kangaskhan, Pidgey, PIdgeotto, Fearow: $0.50 each
Golbat, Nidoking and Poliwag are sold.

Bubasaur, Ivysaur, venusaur, Charmeleon, Charizard: $1.50 each
Squirtle line and Charizard are sold.

Snorlax, Hypno, Cybone, Venonat, Koffing, Weezing, Machop, Hitmonlee, Pinsir, Staryu, Mankey, Geodude: $1 each

Electabuzz, Beedrill, Metapod, Rhydon, Chansey, Oddish: $1 each

Drowzee (left), Hypno: $1.50 each
Wingull, Medicham: $1 each
Drowzee/Jigglypuff and Skarmory is sold.

Black Ensky Holos!
All in mint to near mint condition!

Flareon, Vaporeon: $3 each
Zapdos, Articuno: $1.50 each
Venusaur: $1
Charizard and Blastoise are both sold.

Dragonite, Mew: $2 each
Pikachu, Meowth: $1 each
Ho Oh, Typhlosion: $1.50 each
Tyranitar is sold.

Swampert, Groudon, Genesect: $2 each
Jirachi is sold.

Deoxys Attack, Speed, Defense forms: $1 each

Lugia, Houndour, Houndoom: $2.50 each
Eevee, Espeon, Umbreon: $3.50 each

Pogs and other misc. things

Lucario: $3
Aerodactyl: $1.50

Caterpie: $1
Growlithe is sold.

Adventure Goods Stickers! They're about 1" tall.
Scraggy: $1.50
Vanillite: $1
The rest are sold.

Portuguese Stamps!

Ponyta, Rapidash: $2.50 each
Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Koffing, Weezing: $1 each

The bottom three are stamps from Japan.
Hoppip and Mareep are $1.50 each.
Wooper is sold.

Thanks for looking and reading! And especially to those who had the time to get through my update. :P

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