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Funnel Cake's House of Wares

Shop and Collection Update!
Not only does the shop have new items, but it has also been updated with a new, much nicer and more organized design!

Raticate: What's this?

Raticate: Rattata, get on those buttons!
Rattata: Okay

Raticate: Pidgeotto? Lame... Rattata, press A when the arrow is on the Pkmn option!

Raticate: Now we're talking! Look, I'm the strongest one on this team!

Raticate: Let's show that stupid bird!
Rattata: Okay!

Raticate: Oh yeah! That bird was no match for my Hyper Fang! >:D Come on Rattata, we need to go find some place to hang out.
Rattata: Okay.

Raticate: Holy shi-
The Plague: RATS. 8DDDDD

Rattata: I feel tall. :D
Raticate: This isn't a bad place...

(I decided to stick them on top of their base on the Plague's head, more of a stable flat surface that way)

Thank you garefowl!
Tags: collection, giratina, raticate, rattata, sales, zukan
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