Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for figures,kids,minifigures,stamps aso.

Hello comm! :) Sry for this boring post! But I´m still looking for some cute figurethings for my collection and I wonder if anyone has something for sale or trade. What I have in mind are figures, kids, minimodels (only the normal colored ones), figure stamps aso. Maybe plushes, but should be not too expensive.
I collect the pokemon Raichu, Caterpie line, Rattata line, Dedenne, Oddish, Vileplume, Bulbasaur line...but the highest priority have Raichu, Rattata, Ratticate&Caterpie line :)

Also I´m searching for the following:

- Raichu light up Burgerking figure

Thank you all for your help!! :3
Tags: bulbasaur, butterfree, caterpie, dedenne, metapod, oddish, raichu, venusaur, vileplume, wanted
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