Paula (agui_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Art Comissions Time!

Hello community!

I bought new markers so I guess it's time to some art comissions!
Since I love the Pokemon Time style and I want to collect some bookmarks I made some customs bookmarks with that style. More information about these and others comissions (ACEOS + more) under the cut!


So it would be 3$ each one or 5$ for two of them. I'll add a black cardboard on the other side and I'll put the 'Pokemon Time' words or whatever you prefer (you can see the example below).
You can decide if you want them with hole or with items or anything, just tell me xD



I'm also open to other art comissions as ACEOS for 4$ or bigger drawings, just tell me how do you prefer them so I'll give you a price :3


You can check my art on my DeviantART: HERE , my commissions page on LiveJournal: HERE or even on Instagram: HERE

To ask for an art commission you can give me all the information you want to, like these:

>Extra details:

More art examples:

Btw! I have stuff on my sales post over HERE

Thanks for reading!
Tags: custom, sales
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