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Some recent gets =D

I have not posted here in a while (although I have been lurking around), so I thought I would post some of my recent additions to my plush collection :).

I seem to have got a little carried away and I have been getting quite a few fairly large packages lately.

First was this box, since I ordered quite a few bits around the same time I wasn't sure what it was, other than it being from Japan.

 photo a_zps6889395a.jpg

And inside was two very cute foxes :3. I have wanted to get a Fennekin for a while, so decided to order this one off Ebay and he is super cute. I decided to get the Eevee too as it saved a little on overall postage if I got it separately and he is a good addition to my Eevee collection :).

 photo b_zps2c7fcb5d.jpg

Next I got this box.

 photo c_zps4c101a56.jpg

Again I wasn't sure what to expect as I realize that Japanese sellers package their items very well so sometimes the boxes are rather big xD.

And inside was Jolteon! I was really glad to get this guy for a nice price, he was the last piece I needed to complete the sitting 'I love Eevee' series. I just wish it had a Sylveon too but oh well :P.

 photo d_zps69f257ae.jpg

The next one was quite amusing as I completely forgot I ordered it XD. I found it for a good price and bought it on impulse. So of course when I unfortunately missed the delivery (sorry postman), my Mum offered to pick it up at the post office as she was going down town. I said it wouldn't be too big..

I don't have the actual box this one came in, but it is leaning on the same box that the Fennekin and Eevee came in above for a idea of size.

 photo e_zpsddd7f380.jpg

She was rather shocked when the guy gave her the package at the post office... my bad :P.

I also got some other odd bits which I got fairly recently. Some derpy cuute little Mews for my Mew collection and a Keldeo:

 photo f_zpsc945f986.jpg

So that is mostly it, turns out I always seem to end up buying Banpresto, mostly UFO plush. but that is because they are good value and always nicely designed and good quality :3.

Oh and one thing I love about all these Japanese sellers I have bought from is the cool little free gifts. Here is what I got with some of the plush above (sorry the photo is so poor my camera sucks at close pictures, but you can roughly see them). I have no idea what they are, I am not much of a figure collector, but they are cute :3.

 photo h_zps2037587c.jpg

Somehow I managed to squeeze in all the plush. Here is a picture of most of the above squeezed into my collection (I even made a makeshift mini shelf for the 'I love eevee' series xD).

 photo i_zpsf1327f8d.jpg

 photo j_zpse93c4f22.jpg

 photo k_zps342616c6.jpg

Oh and lastly I thought I would just add this anyway. Sorry it isn't really relevant. but I got a few anime character plush recently too :P.

 photo g_zps6255119c.jpg

I squeezed them in somehow too. But I need more space XD.

 photo l_zps962fb5b7.jpg
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