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Princess ♔

A couple of Sylveon Gets + Wants !

Hi guys! I've been so lazy to take photos of my recent gets, there has been a lot of stuff but here are just a few things I got today for my Sylveon collection!

I've been wanting one of these for a while but have been putting off on getting one, I finally did the other day and it's such a cute little pouch! Very colorful, I'm not going to use it though, it's only for display c:

The sequin keychain charm! Oh gosh this so cute and shimmery, I didn't think I'd find one so I'm very happy about this, if I'm ever lucky enough to find a second I'll be using it on one of my bags.

The second Sylveon pokebox charm! How I adore their stuff, I missed out on the first one so when these came out I quickly picked it up.

And last but not least, the Fairy Type Focus necklace! ;o; I didn't even know this existed until a week ago and I'm very happy for owning one. It comes off as a "real" necklace if you know what I mean, it doesn't look cheap at all and not doesn't even scream Pokemon at first glance. It's going to be displayed but maybe one day I'll have another to wear.

I'm currently working on displaying and checklisting off all my Sylveon items so I'll link to the post once it's all done and ready c:

And now it's time for a few wants!

MY NUMBER ONE WANT CURRENTLY! The Sylveon Cookie Badge, I've missed out on a couple here a few times before and it's just increased my want for it. I want it so much I'm willing to pay up to $25 for it! So please let me know if you're willing to part with one it would mean a lot ;u;

The first Sylveon pokebox charm, like I said above, I missed out on this when I could have ordered it on the site. So please let me know if anyone has one for sale, thank you!

I'll be making another post soon when my next packages come in and with a few more wants c: Thank you all for looking!
Tags: collection, sylveon, wanted
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