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Psychic MoonShadow

Celebrating Mewtwo!

On February 6th Mew gave birth, meaning that today is Mewtwo's birthday! And what better way to celebrate than with a Mewtwo collection?

 photo Mewtwocollection14_zpsacdaacab.jpg
My main collection! It all started with that white Tomy, then my late grandmother got me the Play-by-Play plush backback for my birthday. The rest came after I joined the community! My favourites, aside from the plush, are probably the zukan - I have all three Mewtwo zukan, plus the 10th anniversary one I found while on vacation in London. I try to be relatively selective about what items I buy, which got tough when he got so much nice merch due to him being in the last movie!

Mewtwo flats collection photo DSC07744.jpg
I don't really collect flats, but these are all from my childhood.

DVD collection photo DSC07581.jpg
And lastly, Mewtwo movies (and a four-pack)! I have Mewtwo Strikes Back on DVD, and Mewtwo Returns both on DVD and VHS.

I'm also going to be redecorating my room soon! I'm looking forward to finding a new, more classy way to display my collection. Does anyone have any tips? This is currently my main collection shelf:
 photo DSC02381_zps299c014b.jpg
I mainly display my Mewtwo and zukan collections, though there's also some Scyther and Snivy (one of whom has a top hat and monocle!).

In unrelated news, a friend of mine went to Japan and brought me this!
 photo DSC02344_zps211dfc16.jpg
It's a 3D Pikachu puzzle! It looks pretty neat and I'd like to try putting it together, but I unfortunately have no room for it. Instead I'm selling it NIP on my Sales Post, which I will also be updating with new swag over the next little while!

Thanks for looking!
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