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English Pokemon X & Y TCG Trades!

Today I got four packs of the newly released X & Y set of the trading cards. Unfortunately, I didn't luck out so well with the pulls for the most part so I have a fair amount of duplicates that I would like to trade. I did however get one of my most wanted cards in the set, Xerneas EX!

Here is what I have available for trade:

Normal/Non RV Holo Version:
Illumise 9/146
Slugma 20/146
Doduo 98/146 (X2)
Lillipup 108/146 (X2)
Stoutland 110/146
Diggersby 112/146
Shauna 127/146
Fire Energy 33/146

Also Available:
Online XY Booster Pack Cards- Free with Trade or I will trade two for one normal card. (Or all four for a less common card)

What I am seeking
Japanese Version:
Vivillon- Both Versions

English Version:
Vivillon - Both Versions
Non RV Holo Bunnelby (111/146)

And whatever I don't have,just link/tell me what you have,it is easier this way! X3

I would prefer to only trade within the US but I can consider international trades if need be. If you want any pictures of anything please let me know. I can consider trading things for older cards that I am seeking,but I would prefer to trade for things within the XY set.

Tags: cards, trading
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