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More gets! First Zukan! +allyugioh shoutout

Went to go check the mail and I found my last gets for a while! I was really surprised that they came so fast as they were shipped from Peru o .o Anywho, let's check in with Bonnie, Clyde, and Hugo!

Bonnie (small Dusclops):'s so lonely here.
Clyde (Big Dusclops): I know...and it's quite cold.
Hugo (Darkrai): Wait, did you guys hear something just now?

Bonnie: Look at those fancy stamps!
Clyde: What could this possibly be?
Hugo: Let's open it...I have a feeling.

Hugo: Oh my Arceus! Dismemberment! Who would do such a thing!
Clyde: I think he just needs a hand...

Joanna: I think you mean she...
Clyde: My apologies...well in any case welcome!
Hugo: Could've been an easier way to transport yourself..

Kyoujin: Um...excuse me...I rode along with Joanna...
Bonnie: Yaay! A brother!
Clyde: You're just as welcome!

And the new family altogether~! I'm so happy I got these guys! For being so small their details are amazing! Especially Darkrai! And I'm happy to have a Dusclops with a different pose! It's slight but it's there. Darkrai is the European scale zukan (I plan to get all the variations...I wish I wasn't a completionist ; -; ) and Dusclops is the zukan piece sold as a single piece :) I plan to get the Skull/Noir sets as well ^^
Thank you white_chocobo for wrapping them in bunches of bubble wrap so they got here safe!
Close Ups!
The new Dusclops family!
And the new Darkrai family!
And I hope you guys enjoyed my attempt at a photostory ^^; Hopefully my Feebas plush can see some family soon...cmon tax return...

Also, I saw someone else from the comm shoutout to allyugioh and I meant to comment but I guess they removed the post. But I have also had a lot of trouble contacting this user and ordered my items almost four weeks ago. My mom is going to file a dispute if my items are not here by Monday or some kind of confirmation of shipment has yet to be given.

To end on a not-so negative note, I watched the entirety of Shingeki no Kyoujin within two days...I was tired of hearing about it when it was getting all they hype so it annoyed me too much to watch it at the time. But I saw it was on Netflix and the hype had died down so I figured I'd give it a shot...and now I understand ; -; Such a beautiful show! The music...and the post-credits scene!! Shivers man o -o''

Hope you guys enjoyed this update!! :D
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