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Is Legit?? Help and

Hey Guys just bought some stuff from, my items looked pretty legit but I heard of people bashing there youtube page saying that they sell fake stuff made by china and what not. Dose anyone have any experience with them, according to scam adviser they appear safe but that still doesn't quite help to show that there merchandise are authentic. The main thing that arouse my suspicion was the fact that the package I ordered did not say but instead it said JVG INC fulfillment center. Also they are from California and I heard that California is known to sell lots of fake Pokémon merchandise/Nintendo merchandise.
Also I bought some from which is another site that offers a lot of Pokémon merchandise and I am wondering if they are legit as well here are both links to both Japanese I also attached a link to their youtube page and also attached another vendor which I have in question
please let me know if any are fake because I sure spent a pretty penny on both sites. The offer lots of pretty good Pokémon merchandise that seem to good to be true. so if anyone can help me out with some knowledge I would be so grateful!
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