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Puff and Mence Offers

Hello fellow PokéCollectors!

Pretty late, but I'm now making my first post of the year :D Go me!

Anyway, I'm here to put up my Jigglypuff and Salamence Pokedoll for offers. I would have liked them to stay with me, but I do not have any room for them and I do need the money.

So here they are!

Info & Rules

  • All community rules apply!

  • Received sales permission from entirelycliched.

  • Feedback is located >>here<<.

  • Shipping is from Australia so please note that it can be expensive!

  • International shipping is available.

  • Smoke-free but pet-friendly home. No animals have made contact with my items though!

  • I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

  • Wish list is here if you would rather trade.

  • When no offers have been made for 48 hours, I will post up a reminder. This will end when no more offers are made in the 48 hours after the reminder or the offer following that.

  • You can click on the images to see a larger close-up view of them.

Jigglypuff Pokedoll - Offers start at $100

  • No tags.

  • Excellent condition!

  • No pilling or marks/stains as far as I can see. There isn't even a trace of where the tush tag came off.

Salamence Pokedoll - Offers start at $120

  • Tush tag only.

  • Pilling, but in pretty good condition still.

I'm only looking for the Porygon2 PlushPlush. I won't be stingy about it so if you're willing to sell yours, let me know your price.

Thanks for reading!
Tags: jigglypuff, offers, pokedolls, salamence
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