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mizupita seal sale! and auction reminder

haaayyy there.
I took a trip to Newbury Comics yesterday and picked up some of the new Mizupita Seal packets -- aka tattoes~ they do include a lot of Movie 11 Pokemon (though I have yet to pull Skymin, if there even is one) like Shaymin and Giratina, so they're all for sale

They're listed by groups of 10, and I was only able to get sets 40 through 80 this time, with still some missing. However, the sets do increase in rarity as they increase in groups, too.

[set 40]
Shaymin sets - $3.00 per sheet
others - $2.00 per sheet

[set 50]
$1.75 per sheet
shaymin + pachirisu sheets not available

[set 60]
$1.50 per sheet

[set 70]
$1.00 per sheet
SOLD: Pachirisu sheet

[set 80]
individual characters - $0.50 each
whole sheet - $1.00 each

* - of course if one tattoo from a sheet has been sold, the sheet cannot be purchased as a whole unless the buyer does not mind having one less character

Also, ask about separating characters for sheets [40] - [70], because I will gladly send them out to different places if a party agrees to split up the sheet~

EDIT forgot to say that I have doubles for most of them!

In other news, the Sky-Talkmin auction is still going on here, with a current high bid of $57! Auction ends today at 3:00pm EST! Hurry~
HAS ENDED! Congrats to the winner -- kaisaface! Please take care of her!
Tags: sales, shaymin, skymin
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