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Our Plush are here Hooray!

Hello this part of the post concerns everyone who participated in the Starters Pokedoll Group buy (banaa1212 inky_starlight latias_latios_7 raichu_love and hebilea)
Well shipping took forever but our babies are here at last!
banaa Froakie is absolutely perfect
heartsparkle Chespin is absolutely perfect
latias Bulbasaur is absolutely perfect
raichu Squirtle's tag was a little warped from shipping, but I have sandwiched between my textbooks so hopefully that will flatten it back out (sorry about the shaky picture my phone refused to focus for some reason)
hebilea Charmander is absolutely perfect

Please comment on this post with your zip-codes so I can calculate your final payments :)
I'll be shipping them in bubble mailers with cardboard tag protectors unless you prefer a different method :)
Also the plush came with a new pokemon center bag if anyone would like it just let me know and I'll include it with your plush

Well now that that is done I realize that I haven't done a collection update in quite some time so just for fun here's a little update!
First off thanks to the amazing winter_snowdust I was able to get the correct sized pokemon time case for my 3DS XL Yay it's so cute I love it!
You may also notice the adorable Rayquaza time strap I got it off amazon it was simply to cute to pass up!
This is a rather late update but these are the badges I won in a 151 GA gosh it was a while back and I can't remember who hosted it, but I am very grateful to have these cuties, I put magnets on their backs and stuck them to my mirror :)
Oh my gosh this pudgy precious raichu is simply the best! I love him sooo much! My mom got him for me as an early Valentine's day present. She had him shipped right to my school TUT I named him Quincy.
As of today I have acquired my first Fennekin plush. His name is Kyuubi and... it's going to be very hard not to buy every Fennekin plush that comes out. Fennekin is just so freaking adorable!
Okay so this last one isn't a Pokemon but I always thought the design seemed a little too similar to not at least have been inspired by his pokemon counterpart. Technically he's a Gruslen which is from neopets (I recently got back into playing this it's been awhile) I named him Vulcan, here he is with his cousin Loki
Weirdly similar am I right?
Well that's it for me thank you for reading have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)
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