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New Gets!!! wants too

http://i.imgur.com/7Gr8XUe.jpgHey everyone! So I meant to post last night but I went to bed.

Anyways I have some

first we have 1:1 froakie for me and 1:1 fennekin for my wife

Also is a banpresto metagross with tenth anniversary decoys, rayquaza, blaziken, and metagross again!!!!

Next up we have some gets from a user here! TOMY dialga, dialga kid, dialga keychain, bk gengar, and the elusive (to me) jakks giratina! !

Now we have my first pokedolls in our collection. Glaceon and terrakion! And now a Banpresto Lucario and a 2004 pokemon friends candy mew! Those two came from jessyistired thanks Jessy!

Lastly! Another sableye addition!

this keychain is a debt paid to me. I bought my friend lunch and he repaid me by getting thus guy!


An again the usual wants post

I am still looking for the sableye Zukan and clear kid figure

Also looking for lucario, dialga, rayquaza and groudon items.

I am still searching for a metagross pokedoll.

Anyrhing fennekin line

My wife is still searching for someone to commission a fennekin hoodie
thanks for looking!
Tags: wanted
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