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Awesome custom plush gets! A want, and NIB V-trainer offers/ other sales!

I got two amazing custom plush in the mail the other day, so I've decided to show them off! =D They are both 12" plush by LRK-Creations on Deviantart. I think I have become a little obsessed with custom plush. O_O Pictures in the cut. As well as a Mew Musical Keychain want (please help!!), and the preview to my offers/sales which include NIB V-trainer sets (Houndoom, Misdrevous, Sentret, Phanpy, Raichu, Suicune, Cyndaquil, Pikachu...)

So Charizard is not one of my main collections and I have debated about whether I should really collect any char-line items at all... But, I really loved the look of mega Charizard x and I knew I had to have a plush of him! Thus, the side collection continues xD.

Vulpix is for size reference. He is made completely out of minky and has wire in his wings and tail. I don't always name my plush but I think I am going to name him. I would love to hear suggestions for a name! ^_^

I also could not resist getting a to scale Shiny Skiddo! He is so wonderful!

He makes me smile. xD So adorable!

On to my want! So I recently acquired this Vaporeon musical key-chain that I had been searching for because it was just so cute and interesting. It came with it's original tag, and I was so surprised to see that there is a Mew on the back of the tag! So of course if this means there is a Mew musical key-chain I really must have it! Pictures:

See Mew on the tag?? Ahhh... Now I'm on the hunt. Any help finding this would be wonderful. Also, I think I would be willing to trade this Vaporeon keychain for the Mew (in the same Like New condition) if anyone would be interested.

Lastly here is a preview of my offers and sales:

Tags: charizard, houndoom, mew, offers, sales, vaporeon, wanted

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