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A very GWS Post! (Gets, Wants & Sales)

Hey guys!
i know i haven't posted a collection update in like ages (most of them are in storage)
but i finally decided to end my streak of procrastination and share all of my gets from last november till now.
I hope you enjoy them as much as i do!

First off is my very first 1:1 plush, Fennekin! i knew shipping was gonna be a killer so i actually did not intend to get her at first. luckily for me, i found this japanese beauty in one of my local comic stores.
i've never really had a favourite starter (Squirtle came pretty close, still is) but this foxy mama stole my heart from the first time i laid eyes on her.

Gets from Gin! (sunyshore) as you can see, foxes have pretty much taken over my room. (i couldn't resist getting 2 fennekin pokedolls and christmas plushes)
I ordered the christmas plushes, the Gen 6 pokedolls and re-released kanto pokedolls from Gin as well, loving the new tags.
Kanto pokemon will always have a special place in my heart, as you will see below :)

Pokemon little tales! probably one of my favourite pikachu plush designs ever. Thank you again Gin!

Moving on to some gets from various community members! starting with my all time favourite kanto pokemon, squirtle! A huge thank you to chaos_21 and tyltalis for hosting the bell plush auction!
I bought Victini from the lovely cyritic and Giratina Origin forme completes my ghostly pokedoll collection(i'll make a post on that soon), thank you! tryndamere

I told you i had a "thing" for kanto pokemon! DX BANPRESTO PLUSHES!
i never expected to own these three beauties one day. Venusaur and Charizard came from reimu and Blastoise came from iheartfamke (sorry i took so long to create a post about them reimu, i was waiting for blastoise!)

i just had to save the best (and most expensive) gets for last.
the mega pokedoll auction hosted by faiarrow was INSANE, in the best possible way.
thank you cally! and i think i say this for the majority of people who participated in that auction.
i recently bought a MWT magikarp pokedoll, so this one is probably gonna be put on offers pretty soon!
i won him at $85 so if anyone's interested beforehand, just let me know :)
My sales permission was granted by dewott on 6th October 2012.

My very first plushplush!
I can't even.
Kanto sisters for life.

Some of my current wants! or should i say Grails.
Currently looking for the DX (Oversized) Squirtle Pokedoll (1st from left),
Squirtle PlushPlush (2nd from left) and Mini Squirtle Pokedoll (5th from left)

Pokemon Time Lapras Plush
Pokemon time kanto plushes!
Squirtle will have priority over the others :)
The newer pokemon time plushes! (looking more to trade for these unless i get the extra funds)
looking for Charizard, Xatu and Squirtle over the rest!
here's my recent sales post!

Also looking for the Pokemomo Pikachu Cushion (Top right, next to Poliwhirl)

*i found these photos from a fellow member's post here, if you'd like me to take them down, please let me know)*

Thank you for for viewing :)
and here is a shameless sales plug
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