Crazy Grimer Lady (crazygrimerlady) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Crazy Grimer Lady

eBay Lots and cool Poke stuff!

Hello everyone!

Today instead of my regular sales, I decided to bring you my eBay sales!
I'm mostly focusing on my two main lots but I also have some other unique/rare items.
I am willing to work through the comm as eBay fees suck! lol
So if you are interested in an item or two, don't be afraid to message me or comment below!

I received sales permission on March 15, 2013 from Allinia
My feedback is here.

poke plush lot
This lot is currently at $400 starting bid and ends in one week.

This lot has 140 FCS figures in it, is at $300 starting bid, and ends in two days.

I also have many more items here.

Thank you for looking and have a great night/ day!
Tags: figures, plush, sales
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