sproutpaw (zigguppafu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Note To Everyone and also Question/Wants Post!

Hello everybody! I just wanted to let you guys know that my computer has broken, and i've been doing everything from my phone which is extremely difficult. I just want everyone to know that if i owe you feedback, i will get it to you as soon as i possibly can! I'm very sorry for the delay, but my phone will not load the feedback pages for me. The second i get to a real computer, it wil be my very first priority! I just want you to know that i'm not flaking out on you after buying anything! I normally leave feedback as soon as i get my items in the mail. I have a list written of everyone i've bought from for when i get to a computer. C: Please forgive me! <3 :c

My phone is also refusing to upload any pics to LiveJournal, and i've been dying to show you all pics of my recent gets. :c Prepare for a big post in the future!

And here is my question! - Does anyone know of any slurpuff or more swirlix items (specifically plushes) around, or that are planned to be released? I have the pokecen swirlix on it's way to me, but i'd really like to start a collection of them! I've recently become obsessed with slurpuff. My "Puffpup" in Pokemon Y is the MVP of my team and i love him to pieces! The next kigurumi i make is planned to be a slurpuff given i can find the correct fabric colors in my local Jo Ann Fabric store. C: Please let me know if you have any information! Also, if you know any good plush makers that take commissions, please let me know about them. I'd really like to see artist's plush making styles and possibly comission a slurpuff if i fall in love with their style. :3

Thank you very very much! <3
Tags: wanted
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