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A new face!

Hi! I'm Toxiee! I'm new to LJ and PkmnCollectors (I joined LJ just for this community!)I'm 18 years old (my bday is aug. 14th) so I've basically been a Pokemon fan all of my life. When I was younger I had a large amount of Pokemon merch, but unfortunately my aunt who thought Pokemon was evil decided to throw it all away along with my Star Wars and Digimon toys. In the last three years I've collected over 50 plushies (Which may not seem a lot to you guys but I'm poor, so it is to me. And some of them I gave to friends.) and I've also got a few Pokemon figures but I'm more into plushies.

I missed quite a bit in the Pokemon game series. I only recently played Diamond and Black 2, and before that I was stuck playing Pokemon Red for years. I saved up for Pokemon X and I'm glad I did. I've been playing almost nonstop!
Right now I live off of art commissions, so supporting myself and supporting my hobby is hard...especially whenever I go online there's a new plush I want (I'm looking at you Delphox plush! >3>)
Anyways! Let us get to my collection! Now I will admit, a few of these art booties that I got from friends and family that don't know how to spot a fake plushie, but I keep them because I'm not one to throw out gifts!

This is my Fennekin line collection. I'm hopping to get a Delphox plushie for my birthday or something. I'd have to rearrange everything so it'll fit though. Right now one of my Fennekin plushies from Nintendo World is at my boyfriends. It's the trainer/life sized one. It's gonna cost a lot to send though. ;3;

Here is my Eeveelutions (except for the two naturally coloured ones, those are my little sisters). I'm hoping to get the rest of them but they cost a lot ;3;. My pride and joy is obviously the 1:1 2013 Eevee. I named her Fluffy.

Excuse the ugly wall u3u I broke it w/ my bed. anyway, here is the rest of my plush collection (except another lifesize plush that resides at my boyfriends place, once again.) I'm missing another plusle but yep.

And here's my figures! I just ordered a lopunny one a few days ago. Oh! And I have a few custom plush orders going on too. >3<

Favorite Pokemon: Leafeon, Charmander, Fennekin/Braixen, and Lopunny/Buneary.
I'm interested in Lopunny merch! Ever since I won a shiny Lopunny I've loved them! But keep in mind I don't have a big budget right now, I just spend everything on my bf's anniversary present.

I hope to make a lot of friends. I join pkmncollecters cuz nobody I know in real life gets excited about new plushies or other people's collections. Anyway :P Have a good day/night! Also I don't know how to use this website well. OTL
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