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Buying some wants! ^-^

Hello everyone I have a few wants I would like to buy! :)
If anyone would like to sell them please let me know.

(They can come without tags, I do not mind)
These are my rough estiment with prices: Shipping would be to 40228.

These are my wants:
-Dragonite Canvas plush: 40-45 shipped*
-Eevee minky pokedoll: $30-35 Shipped*
-Togekiss pokedoll: $30 shipped*
-Large Dragonite Mascot plush: $60 shipped
-Little Tales Pikachu plush: $38 shipped

-Hasbro Corphish plush: $15 shipped*
-Hasbro Spheal plush: $20-25 shipped*

I can also trade a couple of plushies for any of these wants:
My trades

The * are the ones I kind of want more, but if you have any of them please let me know!
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