Ali (accio_pond) wrote in pkmncollectors,

White 2 for trade!

Since I finally transferred all my Pokemon over to my Y version, I'm trading my Pokemon White 2 cart! (And keeping White for nostalgia purposes... heh)

(I do have the box, but it's at home. If you want the box too, let me know! I'll be able to ship it separately in March.)

Trade wants under the cut!

White 2 seems to be going around $25 on eBay (just the cart) and $30 with the box. That's the value I'm using for trading. These are my current wants that I'd be willing to trade my game for. Let me know if you're interested in the box/manuals!

Keldeo Pokedoll (with or w/o hang/tush tag, I don't mind. As long as the plush is mint!)

Dialga EX is my main TCG want at the moment (besides Keldeo EX fullart which is my grail, doubt I'll ever get it), as well as extra copies of Rayquaza EX (3 copies), Keldeo EX (NOT the promo, 1 copy), and Victini EX (1 copy) Here are the rest of my TCG wants if you're interested!
A combination of the two above options.

Thanks for reading! :)
Tags: trading
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