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a really, really overdue (2 years!) collection post! lots of new gets~ super pic heavy!

Hi there! *u* First of all, I wanted to let everyone know that all sales and GB items have been shipped out this morning~ You should have gotten notification from me personally, Paypal or Storenvy! For any orders placed today or later, they will not be shipped out until Tuesday the 18th! I'm going out of town for a round of interviews across the country, and then Monday is a holiday.

Anyways, here is a long overdue collection post! I started collecting in April 2011 and was fairly active for about half a year before school took over. I just recently got back into the swing of things and I've got a lot of new things to show everybody! Sorry, a bunch of these pictures were snagged off of Instagram! I've actually meant to do a post for a while, but I kept waiting for the next package, and then the next...

Lots of photos ahead! Click for Enteis and Sylveons and more cuties~

First, let's start off with my Enteis! Entei has always been my primary collection and one of my all time favourite Pokemon! Unfortunately, I'm really picky about the way he looks in merchandise, so I don't have that many Enteis, but I'm always looking to expand my collection! I've got an Entei plush on its way in the mail to me and I can't wait to get him!

Next off is my ever growing Sylveon collection! I just moved some things around so it looks a little empty, but I've got a lot of items coming my way! I've ordered the Sylveon Kid, Party Time charms, Pokemon Center charms (thanks for the pick-ups, Gin!), Ippai figures and more~ 8)

The two Tomys at the top are presents my mom brought back from Taiwan! I've already got a Tomy though, so we're considering selling them. The only different thing about them is that they've got a sticker in Chinese over the inside writing part of the tag, but they're completely legit and super cute~ (D-Don't let me keep them all..) There's also the Pokemon Center standing plush that I got from a member in the comm (sorry, I forgot your username!) and the sitting plush that I got in the Eeveelution group buy I hosted. Out of the official plush, my favourite is probably the Tomy! I just wish it was made out of minky.. It was my second official Sylveon! My first one was the Pokemon Center standing plush!

I've also got two custom shiny Sylveon plush! My Sylveons are a little different in that their eyes are blue instead of the customary pink! The reasoning behind this is really silly, actually. I finally, finally hatched a shiny Sylveon in the game, and I named him Armin after my favourite character in SnK! Armin's got blue eyes though, haha. I'm also waiting for another shiny Sylveon from glacidea! The kissing Rapidash and Sylveon were made by the lovely vulpes_canis~ They are so perfect, and the detail in them is really beautiful, especially in Rapidash's flames!

In the back, I've left room for some figures that I'm going to get soon, but I've got the motion gallery figure, embroidered keychain and with you badge from members in the comm (poke_zula and teravolt)! Thanks so much! They're all so nice..

This towel was a present from my mom from Taiwan too! It's really funny, because there's a sticker on it that says for sale only in Japan.. haha. Does anybody know what this is from though? Like, is it a promo item? I don't think I've seen this before!

Although Pokedolls are one of my favourite lines, I haven't gotten that many new ones! The Glaceon and Leafeon ones are from polahbear, and the Vanillite was purchased from a friend! I'm so happy~ I've wanted Vanillite for a long time, but never had the funds to justify buying it, since I just wanted him for the cuteness factor, not as a collection piece, haha.

Well, here's a trip down memory lane! Plusle was my first Pokemon plush ever! Since I bought him way back in 2011, I've been looking for a Minun, but oh my god, I could never find one! They were either way expensive ($50!) or I'd just miss them in sales posts.. It was ridiculous! And then, when I decided to come back to the community, I stumbled across a post selling him and quickly snatched him up! Thanksbaconscreation!

Here's a picture of the majority of my plush collection! (There's a few alpacas hiding out in there, but ignore them!) Look at all my cute Enteis! Almost every plush on here was purchased from comm members, but it's been so long that I've forgotten most of them.. Reshiram and one of the Enteis are from Gin's pick ups back in the day, Giratina, Umbreon and Shinx Canvas are from GAs, and then Latios was a birthday present from a dear friend who went to New York! I had been looking for a Latios for my Latias for sooooo long that year, but I always seemed to miss them in auctions and sales posts! My favourite plushes here are Entei (of course), Shinx and Reshiram! Ahh, I really love minky Pokedolls..

That's it for the majority of my collection! I've got a few pieces scattered across my room, but as I've been redecorating, they're not properly displayed right now..

Also, I'm going to be in New York for a day this week for interviews, and I'm planning on stopping by Nintendo World! Does anybody have an idea of what current stock is like? Will I be able to find any Sylveons? *u*


Here's a mini sales plug! All items have been discounted! You can find my latest sales post here or by clicking the picture above. I'm also hosting a group auction filled with lots of fun things like plush and figures and charms! You can find it here.

As for wants, I am still looking for the Sylveon mascot plush! I really want this little one! I would sell my soul for it..

Other things that I really want are the Sylveon cookie badge, Sylveon standing Kid figure, and Sylveon soap figure! I would also like the first Pokebox Sylveon charm~ I'm also looking for any Sylveon plush I do not have (the Banpresto, DX Banpresto, talky Sylveon and the lotto prize with Eevee) - am I missing any? I'd also like a Sylveon pose figure and talking palm Sylveon, but these are not very high on my priority list at the moment.

If you've got any Sylveons I haven't mentioned, please feel free to offer them! Please not I'm not very interested in flats (except for the mini clearfiles from the movie promo)..
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