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auction reminder!

Quick reminder that my in-case figure auctions for rare gen2 in-case figures is ending soon (just under 3 hours!) click the pic!! bidding ended!!

Also, to add some more substance to this post, under the cut is my current smeargle figure collection!

By a huge stroke of luck, I was finally able to add the in-case figure to this collection- an item I've NEVER even seen for sale before in my whole nearly 3+ YEARS of looking!! not even once! I actually thought I'd never even find one, since I haven't been actively seeking out smeargle merch as often as I used to. Another lucky find from a while back is the big figure on the far right (next to the tin). Its a greek kids meal toy from a long long looong time ago...and possibly even more rare than the in-case figure??! What's even cooler about it is that it's entire body is completely BENDABLE; a super unique trait for any pokemon toy! I feel so lucky to have all of this stuff!! ;w; (I have some of the plush, too (tomy, friends, laying plush) EXCEPT for the UFO. Juuust throwing that info out there in case anyone has one for sale hehe).

I'll probably be posting again sometime soon (after a ton of adorable squids come in the mail)! Yeehaw
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