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A new display for my flats, some foxes, and a great custom get

 photo f652cb10-d1e3-4059-8a16-519638cef342_zpsd110bdf5.jpg

I have some extra time and I'm bored this evening soooo...Come check out my nonsense <3

Well I'll start off with my most exciting get recently, it's not big in size but it is big in excitement for me!

So I fell in love with sylveon the first time I saw her, it was love at first sight. I was litterally like, I know I'm going to collect this cutie hard core even if it destroys my wallet into tiny bits. And seeing as she is a movie pokemon AND an eevee she has done so quite remarkably!

Anyway to the point, when she first came out I saw someone, (I wish I could remember the artist' name! Gah!) make a whole amazing beautiful set of eeveelution walkies as charms. I love the walky style so I died when I saw sylveon. I think it either got BIN'd or I just couldn't afford it at the time, either way I missed out and I was so sad. Sure on the fact that I would never have that charm I didn't think about it too much, but then I saw it for sale! And I bought her up and now she is with me and I will cherish her forever!!! <33333 I nearly died when I saw her too <333 look at her beauty >U<

 photo yaygets002_zps2c4f0d4f.jpg

 photo yaygets003_zpsac4f5343.jpg

 photo yaygets004_zpsf6401dc5.jpg

 photo yaygets005_zps0fe8cbc5.jpg

SO well made and so cute and I just love her to bits! Please if you know the artist or are the artist let me know! <3

and I finally got a bigger cork board to display my sylveon flats properly! <333

 photo 001_zps1f2a4ee7.jpg

Official flats <3

 photo yaygets011_zps3bee1323.jpg

Custom flats! :D <33

 photo yaygets007_zps41816028.jpg

And I got myself a set of foxies from the pokecen!! I was sooo nervous they'd be wonky nosed foxes, I had heard some could be pretty silly, but I think I got some REALLY gorgeous ones and I'm really lucky! So yay >u< I love them so much ESPECIALLY the braixen, he's so sassy!

 photo yaygets013_zps744504ad.jpg

Plushie zukan! :D I don't know if they are actually to scale though xD but they seem close <3

 photo yaygets009_zps97bddf2e.jpg

And I of course had to get the pokedoll! <3333 it's so cute I have cavities >u<

 photo yaygets008_zps8a2a39d9.jpg

And a present for my girlfriend for our 2 year anniversary :) It's not actually until the 18th but I got too excited xD <33

 photo yaygets006_zps875ec635.jpg

Also I'm accidently collecting gogoat now...side collecting but gosh they're so pretty I can't help it <3

anyway not much else :D eventually I'll get pictures of my shinies and show them off too! Have a great day you lovely people!

Tags: braixen, fennekin, gogoat, sylveon
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