nysaurus (nysaurus) wrote in pkmncollectors,

They need a new home! :c

I really need to clear these stuff as there are wayyy too many things in my room. :c
So they all need a new home.
Everything will be auctioned away. Most items start at a dollar.
Before you read, please read ALL the rules. It will be greatly appreciated! c:
There is a secret word, please post it with your FIRST bid!

  1. Sales permission was granted by entirelyclinched on 27 July 2013.

  2. My feedback can be viewed here.

  3. All pkmncollectors rules applies.

  4. If sniping occurs, the affected thread will be extended for another 5 minutes until bidding stops.

  5. Prices are in USD.

  6. Auction will end on 16 February 2013 (+8 GMT)!

  7. I can ship from two main locations: Singapore or Illinois, USA.

  8. Prices start from $3 from either location.

  9. By default, international buyers (excluding US buyers) will be shipped from Singapore as it is cheaper.

  10. US buyers can choose either Singapore Post or USPS. Please state your preferred choice.

  11. Estimate shipping dates are: 17 - 20 February (international) and 23 - 25 February (USPS)

  12. Thank you for reading the rules, I wanted everyone to take note of the shipping choices. c:

  13. The secret code is: strawberry

---------------------- STARTS AT $20 ---------------------------

Marill & Togepi Kutakutas
In very good condition.
Both tushtag and hangtag available.
Hangtag is detached as shown - no creases!


---------------------- STARTS AT $4-----------------------------
Xerneas Clear File
Brand new in plastic


Clefairy-Clefable Plush
In used condition. Tushtag is intact but faded.


------------------------ STARTS AT $2 --------------------------

Rumble U figures
Litwick (2x) and Jirachi (2x) as shown.
Brandnew in bag!


Pokemon TFG
Zangoose (black/white base), Chimchar and Tauros.
In good condition!


Plusle and Minun Stamper Keychain
Brandnew as shown. Box has a little damage.

Pokemon Pencil Toppers
Swellow, Phanpy, Deoxys and Mudkip.
In good condition!


---------------- STARTS AT $1 ----------------------

Genesect Bandai Kid
BNIP, no sweet inside.

Authentic TOMY figures

Pidgey has a broken tail that was pasted back using UHU glue.
Eggsecutor has his leaf broken off and was pasted back using UHU glue.
UHU glue is NOT superglue. It can be easily removed and reglued.
Feel free to request for more pictures/ engravement picture.

Available: Pidgey, Eggsecutor, Primeape, Mankey
Poliwag, Vileplume, Tangela, Porygon, Metapod, Sunflora
Butterfree, Doduo, Togepi, Mr Mime, Seadra,
Clefairy, Ekans, Poliwrath, Fearow, Igglybuff



Available: Delcatty, sunkern, marill, bellossom, masquerain,
poocheyena, chansey, budew, raticate


Take as many as you want!
It may increase shipping.

Available: Zorua, Bellossom, Zorua, Pikachu, Psyduck, Tepig,
Togepi, Turtwig,


Please do not bid until this line has be crossed out.
Thank you c:
Bid away~
Tags: auction, xerneas
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