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Hi! I'm a New Member!

Hi! My name is Engineon(Engine On, enGINeon, and engiNEon are all fine pronunciations) and I'm really new to both LJ and Pkmncollectors! So, if I make any mistakes, please be patient with me while I learn :) .
I'm really excited to join this community, especially because I love both Pokémon and collecting and this community is the best of both worlds! I'll give you a bit of background on me:

I started collecting pokemon back in 1998! My first pokemon was a wind-up Poliwrath import that could swim in water. Once Hasbro started making pokemon merch, I was hooked. I didn't know about imports all that much back then, so I relied on what was released at TRU or Japanese Specialty shops. I had everything Pokémon that I could possibly find! My greatest joy was when I found out about the Pokémon Center in New York! My mom tells me she went bankrupt from going there with me.

Well, then I stared collecting everything like digimon, yu-gi-oh, transformers, etc. Around 2004, I gave up collecting because I was growing up and changing and also I didn't have the money to fund my collections. Fast forward to 2011, I saw Samurott in a magazine called ShonenJump and I decided I wanted to get back into Pokémon. I bought a Banpresto 12" Samurott, then replaced it with a Japan Pokémon Center plush.

Now, I'm so into the Pokémon Center/Takara Tomy Pokémon Plush. I'm extremely picky when it comes to buying them because they're kind of expensive and I want to be able to get the new releases. I only get the Final Evolution and Lengendary 10"-12" plush and I only get Pokémon Center and Takara Tomy plush.(picky, picky me, I know :P ) Even though I'm picky, ALL pokemon merch tempts me :) !

Ok, I've written A LOT! I'm SO excited to join your community! Again, please be patient with my inexperience!

COLLECTION2 This is my main collection. I have more but I'll post them later!

kyurem plush My grail is the Pokémon Center Kyurem plush!

Thank you for reading my post!
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