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Multi-use post- moans, makes, shows, and tells story

First off I heard on the community that Burger King in UK have the Pokemon toys- so I went there today- I was rather perplexed that there wasn't any posters promoting it- so I order my partner's meal and ask "What toys are available?"- guy says random toys 'cos their delivery did not arrive! Ugh! Oh well I guess it wasn't their fault so I'm not gonna cry
So I ended up ordering an adult's meal (I went for Pri Pri Chicken bagette instead of the mini Angus burgers I was planning on getting with the kids meal- chips were as yucky as usual...looked better than Matt's thrown-together Angus though)

I get home- do a bit more of my coursework- and for me to view anything for it for research I had to install software- so I thought "What a perfect time to finish my prototype- I only have the tail to do"
So here he is- the prototype to a project I would like to start- High-Vis Plush:
This is Proto-Bob (a Pikachu custom), why I had the idea of making plushes out of high-visibility material I don't know- may have something to do with the fact that I work on a construction site?! I do know I was inspired by the bell-plush contest. Anyway I started this a while back but I have been very busy so did not get round to finishing it- Pikachu was very time-consuming because I had hand-sewn him. He's not brilliant- but this is my first attempt at making plushes- yes he needs the tail to balance... I now have a sewing machine and as soon as I get the bobbins I could get started on a Raichu (see Pikachu's cheeks- yup that's what colour Raichu will be). Hopefully Raichu should be easier...BTW Bob has no mouth...

Jills: "So I heard that she was gonna make a Raichu one of you"
Bob: "Muffh"
Jills: "Oh good- come with us to the pack"
Manbag: "I hope she remembers to sew some more hair onto me- I'm fed up of looking like a 1 horned devil"
Bob: "Muff hudd <reject>"
Ihave moved all of my Shaymin figures with the rats....I needed space in the upper-class closet for ultra-nice plushes...they weren't too pleased with the operation (I will do a photostory some other time in my journal)- and I also have a few new Raichus in there so that's cool- so yeah this is my drawers of wonder chest of drawers!! Oh damm- this is the furniture where my clothes go dammit! Stupid innuendos:

(See how green Bob looks- I'm sure this will be faked and in any good eBay store soon...)

And verbal battle between a real deer and an albino deer with a thyroid condition...

Stantler: "Pfft, are you sure you're a deer? You're a bit small..."
Scrappy: "Lemme at'm- erm I mean I'm a muntjac deer- I'm naturally small"

Stantler: "Really? How come a rat is the same size as you?"
Pikachu: "I'm not a rat- unless you're talking about him next to me"
Scrappy: "There's a bigger rat behind you"

Stantler: "That's a kangaroo...gulp"
Raichu: "Nope- if you wanna see a kangaroo see Kangaskhan- and he's massive compared to you!"
Stantler: D'you know what? I think I'll shut up now- at least I'm the best looking"
Raichu:  "ughhh"

Wildlife lesson- don't compare Pokemon sizes to real animals- it'll only end in tears!

Oh and thanks to Gin for the pics of the Halloween Pokemon- I saw some Halloween beanies today and picked them up hoping that I'll get a Batchu to go with these fellas:
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