Kenna (ivyaggron) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auction reminder my fellow friends

A reminder that my auctions for my Tomy figures and Totodile Pokedoll can badge are ending in about 4 hours! Get those bids in~!

Click here or the pictures to go

Also, I have some wants!

spinda kids
(Image by jodie) Spinda kids! I have a few Spinda things, but no kids! The staple of a collection! A conundrum this is. If you have any please tell me! I may be interested <3

I'm also looking for Braviary/Rufflet things! (No flats or the Rufflet Tomy plush~) I've always loved the patriot bird, but I need some more to show! I know they have kids/Tomys/MPC but idk what else. Braviary also has keshipoke and a retsuden stamp but those are out of my reach for sure. c':
Sales plug whoops

Thanks lovelies hope you all have a good day!
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