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Yay I have a banner - Sale + tiny gets

Thanks to kurukimi I finally have a sale banner!! :D :D :D and I didn't even ask them to make me one ;-; it was so nice <3 I love it so much!

You can click the banner or this link -> to go to my sale ^-^

I got Frogadier and Greninja in the mail this week :D Oh my gosh they are amazing!!!!! O: I LOVE them so much!!!!!!!! So detailed and super well made ^-^
PC Frogadier

I was not expecting Greninja to stand on his own, but he's a pro at it C:
I also think that Greninja is my new favorite pokemon n_n
PC Greninja Plush

And now the Froakie line is complete! <3

I also got a super late Christmas gift ^^' I got this Pikachu from my best friend :)
This plush is super cute, soft, cuddly and adorable <3
HQ Pikachu

Update on Lucario****
First of all, thanks to everyone for all of the good tips! :)
I finally decided to give him a bath instead of a surface wash. He was so smelly ^^' and since there was spot on the white surface, I assume that he was probably covered. For those who wonder, I used in a tiny quantity some Purex with Dirt Lift Action. I was not sure at first if I wanted to use that since it's not really a soft soap, but WOW trust me O: I didn't even had to touch Lucario when he was in the bath!! all the dirt spots removed themselves after 5 minutes of soaking! I rinsed him and he was all clean and smelling super good ^-^ I used a tooth brush to brush his fur to make him super soft <3

That's him now:
He is so lovely <3 I am so happy to have him in my collection ^-^

Thanks for looking! :D

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