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Nintendo Store NYC (Pokemon Center) ~ Anyone up from nyc?

Hey guys, sorry I haven't made many posts. I just wanted to not over-flow the community. I am trying not to go over a certain amount of space either. But I was wondering if anyone here has been to the nyc nintendo store/pokemon center?(It's essentially the same store, same building-- I think it was in manhattan or something... I forget xD). Anywho... I was wondering if anyone has been there recently and knows what they have for sale as of current. As well if anyone could take photos and possibly link me to them (So we don't overflow the forum ^^;) I am going there in a couple of weeks and I am saving up a ton of money (mainly for other things to do ^^;;) and I wanted to know of the merch they have there since I am bringing a backpack but depending on what they have I might stick to a small backpack. If not I might get a larger one. I just finished getting the black and white huge figures of uhh reshiram and zekrom (with the box art and everything all MIB). I recently got a few pikachu plushies as well as a 1/1 pichu plush. But I guess I wanted to get more pikachu merch(even pichu, raichu, or meowth-- or a few others). I figured since pokemon has a HUGE and I mean flippin' HUGE!!!! Set of stuff for just each kind of pokemon (some exceptions of course do apply). Obviously pikachu has the most merchandise (while some like nidoran have little to none). I also know you guys kinda hate boot-legs but I am not going to ask for those!!! BUT I was also hoping to go to "china town" which in spite of its name; it's not just chinese people in there. There are also japanese, koreans, etc.... point being I was wondering if anyone knew of legit places in NYC or anywhere near the city that holds pokemon merch. Including stuff you wouldn't see in the pokemon center. If anyone lives near the center. PLEASE for the love of all that is good and decent take a lot of clear photos of everything in the center. I also wanted to bring other merch from there (for friends). I also don't mind picking stuff up for people (as long as they paid the fees, and everything + a small "trouble fee") however I don't know how any of that would work so I'd have to first ask an admin for advice on that. Then I can say for certain or not.
Tags: meowth, pichu, pikachu, raichu, snorlax
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